10 Business Ideas for Employees

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Are you an employee who wants to do business? Here are 10 business ideas you can do.

Catalog Capital Sales

Today, there are many businesses whose sales use catalogs. You simply bring a catalog to work then offer it at every meeting with someone. The more often you regularly carry a catalog of a product, the longer you will be quite famous among your workplace. Gradually, when people at your workplace need the product, it will automatically contact you immediately.

Credit Sales

Now, pulses have become a staple like rice. Everyone needs a pulse. Perhaps, friends at your workplace run out of credit and don’t have time to leave the office for a while to buy credit. This business idea is definitely the land for you. You don’t have to open a shop to sell. You can sell pulses anywhere.

Selling Food for Breakfast

Breakfast becomes a human need. Most people sometimes do not have breakfast because they have to rush to work. If you like to cook, this business idea is an opportunity to prepare breakfast for yourself, your family, and also people at work. Yes, the people at your workplace will buy the breakfast food you make. If you are not good at cooking or have no time to cook, you can buy breakfast that is already wrapped, then you just resale at your workplace. It does not have to be rice wrap, cakes can also be sold as a breakfast menu.

Ticket Agent

Some people in your workplace may be able to have overseas people. Of course, they will experience returning home who need a ticket. You can be a train or aircraft agent. Even if there are no overseas people in your workplace, it can be possible that there are also those who have to travel and need transportation tickets. Just try it!

Laundry Services

Washing clothes is also one of the human needs. Man washes his clothes to be dried and re-worn. Maybe, because it is too crowded to not have time to wash clothes, that’s where you can offer laundry services. You can do it after work or you can hire people.


Almost everyone wears perfume. You bring examples of perfumes then offer them to the people you meet. This method is almost similar to selling using a catalog.

Soy Milk

It’s almost the same as selling food for breakfast. You can subscribe to soy milk from the manufacturer. You can bring soy milk for you to offer or be deposited to the canteen where you work.

Online Store

You can create an online store selling any product you like. You can check the order after work, wrap also when you are at home and then send it to the expedition on the next day when you go to work.

Property Broker

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Being a property broker can give you a huge advantage. You can find the owner of the property and then negotiate a commission. After that, you just have to offer it to anyone you meet.

Fried Food Sales

After work, you can sell fried foods. You just need a frying pan and a stove. For ingredients can be adjusted, such as selling tempeh, tofu, fried bananas, and so on.

After reading the 10 business ideas above, do you already have an idea what to start a business? Congratulations on determining the business you will live and happy business.

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