10 Marketing Mistakes That Make a Project Fail

Marketing Mistakes That Make a Project Fail
Every marketer will certainly be very disappointed when the marketing strategy that has been well designed, turns out to fail. Moreover, the failure is caused by various mistakes made by the marketers themselves.
Whether realized or not, but these mistakes are often done by marketing itself.

Therefore, as information and inspiration, here are some examples of marketers mistakes that often make failed marketingstrategies:

Less Responsive

When marketers are less responsive to consumers or prospective consumers, be it in response to every question, comment, idea, suggestion and so on, it will make consumers or prospective consumers disappointed. Consumer disappointment is a boomerang for the marketing strategy you’ve designed.

Marketers Dominate The Conversation Too Much

When presenting the products or services offered, of course marketers should explain in detail. But that doesn’t mean marketers should dominate the conversation. Marketers should carefully look at the situation and conditions, whether potential consumers want to express their opinions or questions.

Not Ready for Presentation

Presentation is the most important moment in the marketing strategy process, because all marketing strategies that you have designed will be presented to prospective customers. If during the presentation marketers are not ready, for example in terms of health, mental, presentation material, appearance (neatness) and so forth. So this is very dangerous and often leads to failure.

Not Doing Maximum Research

When marketers do not do research to the maximum, it will have an impact on the lack of maximum strategy in the proposal that will be presented to prospective consumers.

Over-Selling Appointments

When marketers over-sell appointments or make presentations with the concept of hyperbole, it will usually make prospective consumers uncomfortable and often lead to failed presentations.

Marketers Use Monotonous Language Styles

When marketers explain marketing strategies in a monotonous style, for example with language that is too rigid, then prospective consumers will usually feel bored or tired of listening to your presentation.


When presentations often occur debates, if marketers dissolve in the debate, let alone until provoked emotions, then most likely what happens is the failure of the project. Basically consumers want to be treated as kings, so as a good marketers should be able to put emotions aside.

Smart ‘Pretentious’

A marketer should be able to educate prospective consumers in a good and wise way, instead of feeling ‘pretentious’ smart then look like patronizing potential consumers. There are some typical consumers who don’t like marketers who look ‘pretentious’ smart.

Less Friendly

A marketer should have a friendly and polite nature, not only when communicating with consumers or prospective consumers, but in everyday activities, a marketer should be able to be friendly, polite, appreciative, be a pleasant person and so on.
It is very important to make your prospective customers comfortable when communicating with you. In some cases, less friendly marketers often make projects fail.
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