4 Easy Stages to Increase Sales Via Twitter

4 Easy Stages to Increase Sales Via Twitter

Twitter, Lopers has previously discussed the Importance of Social Media for your company / business? . now Lopers will give you tips on how to increase sales via twitter.


The first step is to introduce your business, this can be done by creating a Twitter account for your business. More information about your business on your twitter account. Then invite your friends to follow your business Twitter account. Your friends are obliged to invite other people’s twitter.

Once you have enough followers on twitter it means it’s time for your business social media marketing account to Go Public. Since Go Public is not easy, below I give some tips for Go Public. Examples of products in this introductory stage, for example online distributors of organic fertilizer. In the Introduction stage we use two tools, namely twitter Follow and tweet.


• Type the product you are selling in the twitter search field, such as “fertilizer” and then follow the account that tweets the product similar to yours.
• Follow the twitter account that sells your products serving to spy on your competitors.
• Follow accounts related to your products, When you sell fertilizer follow your twitter account with fertilizer topics and environmental issues.
• Follow also take into account the community following each other on twitter.


There’s been a lot you’ve followed, don’t forget to retweet. It shows that you care about your surroundings. 4 Easy Stages to Increase Sales Via Twitter


The second stage of the promotion, to promote your business can be done in two ways, namely paid or free promotions. If you’re paying for a promotion, what’s worth noting is the quality of your tweets. If you don’t have good copywriting skills, your money may be lost in vain. Because no one is interested in following or buying your product. However, don’t worry I’ll share free promotional tips. These tips you may have done, but because my goal is not to be sold so the results are less maximal. In promotions, we use a tool called mentions and retweets from other twitter accounts.


The final step is to start mentioning, don’t forget to tweet mention people to promote your binis. Mentions can be combined with a way to find people who tweet about your product. Keep in mind, don’t do too many mentions about products that you can become your running followers.


• Mention other people’s Products in your tweets, for example “blogging again accompanied by a cup of coffee @ # $% # $ $ SENSOR”
• Ask every friend, for example “min, there is boarding school info around bekasi?”
• Provide information, for example “# infolalin pantura jammed”
• Give praise with other people’s products that have been used, for example “anu cream is good loh mastah, the opening week of a new store, (Bogor Organic cream) is already on page 1 google”. With RT’s definitive tweet this is your @AKun.

STAGE 3 Keeping your followers

Once your business twitter account is well known enough, don’t forget to share the content. Content is essential to keeping your followers.

Here are some tips on creating content that people want to share.
1. Create Educational themed content, deal well with your business or other topics.
2. Create a schedule for the content You will Share
3. Try to make regular tweets every day
4. Use Twitter account management tools HootSuite, Twitdeck, etc.
5. When you share an image, make sure you share the watermark image that has your business name.
6. Use images with good resolution.
7. If you want to share information about your products, don’t forget to include contacts.
8. Don’t be stingy to design your Display Image, people judge your product from the image.
9. Don’t forget the variety of content, images, videos, slides, etc.
10. Create a Quiz At Least Once a month, to be more interactive with your followers.


This stage is often overlooked, but from this stage you can increase your sales. Evaluation is done at least once a week. What is the need for Evaluation?:
• Increase/Decrease in Number of Followers
• Increased visitors coming from twitter
• How many people buy your products via twitter
• How to favorite your tweets
• how do you retweet
• What are the most crowded tweet types in tweets.
• How many negative comments about you

Evaluate the results, then your analysis. For example, on Monday reduced the number of followers. You need to get inside, what was wrong that day. You can have a further analysis, for some other evaluation factor or you can add what you need evaluation to Increase Sales Through Twitter. Still lacking tips?

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