5 Easy Ways to Promote Your Business

Easy Business Promotion

When you run a business,promotion is the most important part of your business. Business promotion is a communication activity to increase sales with persuasive business, which is subtly inviting. In another sense, promotion is also referred to as a form of introduction.

In the past, for a promotion, it was necessary to create banners, posters, billboards, and so on. Now that technology is getting more advanced, business promotion is easier. Entering the onlineera, now promotion through online becomes an option for business people.

How do I promote online? Here are some ways to promote online that you can practice.

Storytelling on Social Media

If your business is just getting started, you can share your business plan through social media. That way, your friends on social media will know about your business plan. Instead if they comment give the best advice for your business. In addition, it could be your friends on social media that will later become customers of your business.

If you’re already in business, you can still tell your business journey through social media. For example, you are currently busy doing the production of robes. Tell me how you process when buying materials or meeting a tailor. That way, your friends on social media will know about the business you’re running.

Telling your business on social media is very useful. You canbranding yourself to be better known. Storytelling is a subtle way to make it easier to accept.


Testimonials are very important to use to attract potential customers. Never hesitate to ask for testimonials from your customers. You can share your buyer testimonials to social media. If the testimonials provided by the buyer are not good enough, at least it also helps you to continue to evaluate, improve the product, and make innovations.

If you’ve just gone into business, you probably don’t have any testimonials about your product yet. You can do a Q&A with someone about your product. The opinions spoken are what can later be used as testimonials.

Testimonials have their own selling point for promotions. With testimonials, someone becomes more confident to buy your product or service.

How to Promote a Business on Instagram
Business Promotion on Instagram

Business Promotion with Discounted or Free Voucher

Who doesn’t like discounts? Who doesn’t like freebies? Most people prefer discounts and most prefer free ones. With discount vouchers, prospective buyers who are newly interested but still hesitant to order, may decide to order because there are discounts.

So are free vouchers. The free product you provide is automatic as well as a tester. He tried, if fit, to be sure he would order again and would even tell some of his friends.

Business Promotion by Socializing

Socializing isn’t just done when you meet. Even in cyberspace you can socialize. Allocate time of day to talk to someone you think could potentially buy a product or use a service. You give comfort to all your friends in your virtual world. If your communication is good, they’re happy to help promote your business. Not that you take them for granted. Just do socialization as usual without any special purpose. Your sincerity in socializing is what can later foster a sense of comfort automatically. However, this method should be consistently done. Therefore, allocate every day to socialize even if it’s just saying hello, commenting or liking from posts they share.

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