7 Ways to Read Business Opportunities

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When starting to start a business,the first thing to ask is what business will be run? Perhaps, some of you already have a picture of what business will be and some of you are still confused about what business will be.

If you want to do business but are still confused about what business to run, you need to read the business opportunities. Here are some ways to read business opportunities. IMMEX program


Each individual must have something to like. Consider some of the following case examples.

You like to collect shoes, selling shoes will be the right business for you. You are so familiar with everything about shoes, of course that ability will support you as a shoe businessman.
You like to cook, you can start a business in the culinary field.
You like to write, you can start a business in the field of writing.
You like to travel, you can do business in the field of travel services or providers of necessities while traveling.

Skill or Ability

Each individual has abilities. Dig back where your abilities are. Consider some of the following case examples.

You have the ability to tinker with computers, you can offer computer services as a form of your new business.
You’ve got internet marketing capabilities. You can help online business people do marketing

Goods or Land

If you have some goods or land that can be used, you can do business by renting them out.

You’ve got more than one bike that’s rarely used by yourself. You can open a motorcycle rental service.
You have a strategic land in front of the house to sell. You can rent out your land to other people selling.

You have equipment that babies use, such as beds, strollers, breast milk pumpers. If you’re not in use, you can rent it out.


A living human being will not be separated from the problem. Take a look at the issues around you, then come across as troubleshooters. No need to look for problems too far, you can analyze in your home.

For example, your child likes siomay. You find that the siomay your child eats is unhygienic, unhealthy, and so on. It’s time for you to come as a solution by processing healthy siomay. You can make the healthy siomay into your culinary business.

Not only that, such as you are a woman in a hijab who feels complicated when wearing a headscarf. You can design an instant hijab that is easy and worth wearing.


What kind of environment are you in right now?

If you are in the environment of mothers for example, you can market products that are commonly used for mothers. Get to know more about what kind of environment you’re in today, then get to know what products you can offer to those around you.
You are pregnant and often in the environment of pregnant women as well, you can offer breast milk or baby needs.

What’s often needed

Human needs vary widely. Analyze what products or services people need most often.

People need to eat, you can start a business in the field of food.
People need credit, you can sell pulses.
People need fuel, you can sell gasoline.

Utilizing Existing Businesses

In your neighborhood of course there is already a business that stands. Look back at the effort, find a gap there.

For example, you find a patchwork of motorcycle tires that are already crowded. You see people waiting for a tire patch must feel thirsty, whereas there is far from the place of food and drink vendors. You can work with a tire patcher to sell bottled drinks there.

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You find a crowded clothing store, you can leave your hand-made accessories in the store.

There are many ways you can read business opportunities. Understand your situation, think, then decide what business is right for you to live in. Happy business!

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