How to Build ‘Personal Branding’

How to Easily Build Personal Branding

Maybe many of us feel neglected. Then, our existence is not much noticed by others. They just assume we exist when we’re right in front of their faces, and then once we’ve gone, they no longer remember how we are.

Not many people are aware of our existence. In a work or organizational situation, of course this inhibits us from starting a career upwards. The logic is, how our careers can develop, if not many people know where we are or where we are perceived as commonplace.

Surely we’ve heard someone tell us about his experiences and myriad achievements, without being impressed to be bragging about him. His speech can also hypnotize the listener, even be an inspiration to his listeners. Even every detail of the word that comes out of his lips we still remember and become a source of motivation. People with this ability are certainly very concerned. In a work environment or organization must have a brilliant career. Then how to achieve that?

Our ability to tell ourselves is one way we create personal branding for ourselves. Branding itself has an important meaning for individuals who can distinguish it from other individuals. So many people have something in common with us. They graduate from the same university, the same major, even graduate with the same cumulative achievement index. There are even so many people who do the same job as what we do. So what sets us apart from them? Which makes us have more advantages than them?

Bragologue is an art combining bragging (the art of self-pride) and monologues (the art of speaking and conveying an idea). In thisb ragologue we learn how to create an interesting impression of ourselves in front of others firmly and in a short period of time. Suppose you’re in the elevator with your boss, there’s 15 seconds for you to introduce yourself to your new boss about yourself, what are you going to do and say? bragologue is also important when we meet important people where our opportunities for conversation are very limited by time. We have to be able to convince them that we are the one who impresses them.

We can do this bragologue once we realize in ourselves what achievements we achieve, which we are proud of and we think are well conveyed to others. Once we’ve managed to encapsulate it we canjust do this ragologue b well in front of others. Try following these steps.

  1. Discover three core values of yourself, such as trust, honesty etc.
  2. Discover five key talents and characteristics that best reflect your professional skills, such as training, financial planning etc.
  3. Discover the five characteristics of communication or personality that are your strengths.
  4. Try to get to know people who are now aware of who you are, find out how they describe you.
  5. Now, how do you want people to know yourself?

These five surefire steps will help you create an interesting and memorable bragologue. In addition to strengthening your branding impression, you need to build positive relationships with those around you. Have good communication with your coworker, both your employer and your junior.

We must be active ourselves so that others can know ourselves well, and it is not easy to forget our name after an encounter. It is we who are responsible for the peniliain and the impression of co-workers on us.

(Source: Don’t Take Soft Skills Lightly by Peggy Klaus)

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