Crypto Market Conditions Chaotic? Do This

Crypto Market Conditions Chaotic

When there is chaos in the Crypto market (read: investment unit prices slump rapidly) it is necessary to take a measure of anticipation and information processing. In general, according to experts, and from various investment references, obtained the following four steps that may be used as a practical reference for fellow investors not to gloom durja when the portfolio collapses..

Of course it is necessary to reconsider all the steps by cooking and to be adapted to the condition of each so as not to misstep and remove the heart as a result… What are the steps?

Stay Put

Kedengerannya aja cool, actually the meaning of this strategy is really simple loh: didiemin aja … :-). Some people think this is a very useful strategy when we lack resources (there is no funds to do “counterattack”, lack of resources, or even males and not appetite to respond to market lethargy). There is a pemeo who says “doing nothing does not mean doing nothing, it is silence that is the chosen action”. That’s right, especially if the Crypto market shows further deterioration symptoms. This step is strongly discouraged if market conditions are back in full swing, or market conditions are actually dynamic (up and down quickly and following a certain pattern). Loss, right?

All Out Attack

This is an aggressive strategy developed by those who are actively transacting and have sufficient resources (financial, information and stressful endurance of course..). This strategy relies on the price movement of investment units and conducts “attacks” both when the price falls and bounced back. The basic principle of “buy while cheap and sell while expensive” is practiced here. If you buy skills? Yes sell when it’s even more expensive. It is not recommended for those who are untrained, do not stand stress, like to be lazy and discouraged, and do not have enough knowledge and information.

Compensating Purchase

This strategy is the development of the above #2 strategy but modified with the intention to be more accommodating and calmer. This focuses on the standard patterns that may occur as well as on potential profits. This strategy demands patience, thoroughness and is highly recommended for those who are indeed aiming for the medium or long term. If we buy X units at the price of Rp 1,200 and now slump at the price of Rp 1,000, then adherents of this strategy will buy Y units at that price that has been taken into account before, so that if the unit price becomes Rp 1,050 then it has gained profit by compensating for losses because X units decreased the price of Rp 200. This strategy is relatively neutral and highly recommended for serious investors who are moderate and do not aim short-term and have resources that are not abundant.

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Cut Loss

It’s a strategy for those who’ve been stressed, already poor kadung because the money sucked into the investment and then collapsed, or indeed aggressive investors who are impatient and intend to make Compensating Purchase to other investment instruments by eliminating losses in investments today. This is highly discouraged for those who are planning to invest medium and long term, and have limited sources of funds. It’s better to just be quiet for a while. Whereas if we intend to profit taking short-term or wealthy investors then this strategy could be appropriate.

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