Facebook Ads to Blow Up Popularity of Fans Page

Utilizing Facebook Ads to Blow Up Fans Page's Popularity

Facebook Ads – Currently Facebook is a social media that has quite a lot of users. It can even be said that Facebook is the most popular social media in the world for now. Mark Zuckerberg’s social media does have a variety of features that are easy and very beneficial to users. Facebook is also useful for business people to promote goods and services sold.

Usually online sellers use the fans page to build a brand or do promotions. The more likes on the fans page, the more potential customers can also be. But with the record, such likes should be purely people, not likes from robots and the like. One way for fans to get crowded is to use the help of Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads is an advertising platform on Facebook that can provoked other users on Facebook to like the fans page that has been promoted. This service is a kind of Google Adword. One of the advantages of Facebook Ads lies in the specific level of target you want to go to. So the ads you create can go viral on Facebook. The price pegged to advertise on Facebook is also quite affordable. Here are some tricks to get the most out of Facebook Ads that you can try.

Create relevant targets in Facebook Ads

The first step is to create or set targets that are relevant to your business. You can classify several categories that fit your target, such as gender, age, purchasing power, education level, or geographic location.

Use the Facebook Ads Marketplace

You can use the Ads Marketplace app. This app is different when compared to Page Likes Sponsored Stories. Ads Marketplace will typically appear on the side of the Facebook page. Through this app, you can change the look of your Ads Marketplace titles, images, and content to be more engaging. Variations in the use of titles, images, and content are enough to influence the number of users who are interested in giving likes to your fans page.

Using “Page Likes Sponsored Stories”

This application is also quite useful to increase the number of likers on the fans page. Page Likes Sponsored Stories is a step in advertising that can be used to attract potential likers through what the user’s Facebook friends have done. So, if there are users who likers a fans page, then this application will display the user’s information has liked the page. If another user (who is a Facebook friend) sees the ads, then that user is likely to like the fan page.

Maximize email list usage

If you have multiple active emails, you can use them to target likers on the fans page. You can use Ads Sponsored Search or Ads Marketplace. You can also use the create similiar audience feature in the power editor menu to aim at other quality targets that are out of reach.

Targeting competitor consumers by using Precise Interest

You can also target competitor consumers by using Precise Internet. This app is useful for targeting potential people with a wider reach, such as competitor consumers.

Those are five ways to use Facebook Ads as a tactic to increase the number of likes on your business’s fans page. But don’t forget, after the likes of the fans page is enough, do not forget to always interactively say hello or post useful things to keep them there. It’s better if they’re active. Of course this will provoke them to make a purchase.

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