How to Increase Adsense CPC with Simple Methods

increase adsense cpc

The level is almost the same; “why is my adsense CPC/CPC low?, How do I increase my website adsense CPC? , Please check my website what factors make my website CPC or CPC low!.

Well.. here lopers will explain tips / simple methods about; increase adsense cpc Many new Publishers even the old one often ask about CPC ‘Cost Per Click’ or the Indonesian language CPC ‘Cost Per Click’ google adsense.

The level is almost the same; “why is my adsense CPC/CPC low?, How do I increase my website adsense CPC? , Please check my website what factors make my website CPC or CPC low!. Well.. here lopers will explain simple tips/methods about ;

CPC Adsense

Before that lopers will explain the calculation system of CPC or CPC ‘Cost per Click’, if you get 0.04USD per click and 1USD for other clicks, then the calculation is CPC or flat CPC like this;

(0.04USD+1USD)/2=0.52USD. Other factors of high CPC/CPC are eCPM ‘effective Cost Per Mile’ and CTR ‘Click Through Rate’

You should also try other possible methods of increasing your Adsense CPC or CPC to maximize your adsense revenue.

Such an increase in CTR can also help increase your CPC or adsense CPC, but if the CPC is low but the CTR is high, your adsense revenue will be low as well.

Case Studies ;

If you get 10click adsense on cpc value 0.04USD (10×0.04USD=0.4USD), or 2click adsense on CPC value /CPC 0.40USD (2×0.4USD=0.8USD), much greater instead.

But the last income was much better 0.4USD to 0.8USD because the CPC or CPC value is good than 0.04USD to 0.4USD. Lopers hope you understand this case study.

All right, let’s start how to increase Adsense CPC/ CPC

how to Increase Adsense CPC
Cost Per Click

Try Focusing on Keywords, niches and topics.

Not all content types show the same ads on your website. Advertisers pay or bid higher on specific keywords. You should know which keywords or keywords pay higher CPC/CPC for the content of your articles. Google Bot Adsense will crawl the content of your article before your ad code is posted on the website.

If a Google bot finds valuable keywords or keywords and useful article content, it will show ads that have a high CPC or CPC value.

This doesn’t mean that you should write articles that contain only keywords or keywords that have a high CPC or CPC value.

To get organic traffic from search engines with keywords that are high CPC value is very difficult because of more competition.

Write according to your passion, but keep in mind put some high CPC-rated keywords on the content of your articles.

Keep in mind that all advertisers displayed on the website, advertisers need visitors to the advertiser’s product page and convert them to registration, sales or any action on the advertiser’s website.

Use Image and Text Ad Formats.

Not everyone likes the image or rich media on the website, or vice versa.

In case studies image ads or Rich Media work well all over the place. If you have only ad text, make it an Image and text.

You’ll see the difference in the next week.

Lopers experimented several times and in several places, and as a result image and text ads worked very well.

Google also says it’s ‘Image and Text ads’.

How to Increase Adsense CPC with Simple Methods
Text and Image Ad Formats

This is the reason;

  • Image ads may be clicked “High CTR”
  • Of course all advertisers want to show their products as Rich Media images, so this will bring high CPC value.
  • Only one Image ad can be shown at the same time as 3 – 4 ad text. these ads may be ads that have a high CPC value.
  • Advertisers will directly target ad slots if you enable image and text ads.

Too Many Ads on websites

Have you used the 3 ad slots recommended by Google Adsense?, if you have, have you balanced the content of your article? Loper recommends using three ad slots on the content of your article.

If the content of the article you create is long enough and can accommodate this ad slot and with the availability of valuable keywords for google bots can crawl valuable or high value keywords. To show ads that have a high CPC or CPC value.

But if your Article Content is too short and doesn’t have keywords rich in CPC value, then google adsense will show relevant, and interesting ads to visitors.

and if you get a click, but the resulting CPC/PK value is very low.

Create a Costume Channel and keep an eye on your ads

Costume Channel is very important, because it will provide ideas or feedback from ad slots that perform well or are not good, in measuring the value of CPC, eCPM, CTR Adsense.

Monitor your Custome Channel for two weeks.

Can this help in increasing adsense CPC?

Once you’ve been watching for two weeks, remove the low-performing ad slots on your website. “Deduce from CTR and Adsense end revenue” for testing purposes.

Now google adsense can serve better ads for two surviving ad slots, ads that perform well. So your adsense income will increase.

First Ad Unit/Header in HTML Code Can Increase Adsense CPC

You’ll definitely have one ad in the header and another in the content of your article, which will load the first ad on your website.

The ad in the header is the first forging in the HTML code where google adsense will pay a high CPC Value. because the ad will uncul first on your website.

So… does the ad in the header get a good CTR?

When your ad slot is in the content of the article and gets a good click “High CTR” from the ad that is in the header.

However, google Aadsense will provide a higher CPC value for ads in the header.

Reduce accidental clicks or useless clicks

Never assume that clicking on an ad from a different IP or telling your friend to click on an ad on your website.

Google is very smart, where clicks are intentional or accidental.

Even the ad click scams that if you do will impact your adsense account will be banned.

Accidental clicks will result in a low CPC even no value, because accidental clicks won’t convert to advertiser websites.

So.. never try to cheat in Adsense.

Those are some of the ways to increase Adsense CPC with simple methods.

hopefully useful for your new website or blog starting to earn money through google adsense.

There are still secret techniques in improving Adsense CPC, which will be very useful for your website that has started generating good traffic.

With good content by advertisers with click quality, then you may get high quality ad pay.

There are several techniques available to increase Adsense CPC, I think it will be useful later here. StayTune Lopers…

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Websites to generate good revenue take time instead of instantly. So keep ing Adsense to improve your Adsense CPC.

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