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Social media or internet marketing is an online tool that people use to share content, profiles, opinions, insights, experiences, perspectives, knowledge and the media itself, thereby facilitating conversations and online interactions between groups of people with an interest in relevant objects. .

Social media is developing as a very powerful opportunity to reach a large number of potential business partners, clients as well as users, and influence them to form a good opinion about a brand, product, service, business, or company. As of Jan 2010, over 500 Million active users are participating in social media networking work. Source Alexa, almost 80% of the world’s top 100 highest traffic websites are social media sites.

Social media marketing involves representatives of business clients through participation in social networking sites, social bookmarking sites, multimedia content sharing websites, forums, blogs, and online press-releases to introduce/promote sites/products, discussions, opinions and direct traffic to the client’s website.

Internet Marketing – Social Media Marketing Service Proposal Structure

Pre-proposal : The service document you are reading is Social Media Marketing+Internet Marketing Pre-proposal. This document provides an overview of Social Media Marketing services and methodologies for carrying out Social Media Marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing-Information Survey Form : Once you are sure about the methodology for carrying out a Social Media Marketing campaign, we need to pay attention to your past promotional activities. This will help us preserve and leverage your past promotions, while designing SMM campaigns to deliver maximum benefits.

Project Objective & Scope Survey : The objectives of the survey project will help us identify your key business challenges and set their priorities. It will be used to develop a comprehensive strategy and campaign plan. Social Media Marketing campaigns must be designed to address all challenges.

SMM Strategy & Services Cost Proposal : Once we’ve studied your past efforts and project objectives, we’ll design a campaign and provide strategy and cost proposals.

Goals and Objectives

Social Media Marketing campaigns can address several business challenges. A customizable social media campaign, designed to achieve a specific goal. The following is a list of some prominent campaign objectives, which can be selected and prioritized based on the client’s business needs.

A. Increase brand awareness
B. Raise awareness about the company
C. Raise awareness about services
D. Increase site traffic
E. Promote new products/services
F. Increase site visibility
G. Management of companies established as industry experts
H. Increase sales
Ⅰ. Improve conversations on your site
A. Building the company’s reputation as a useful source of information by
content publications & articles
K. Change Image / corporate opinion felt by the public
L. Repopulating the company’s brand
M. Build a corporate image as:

I. Corporate Responsibility
Ⅱ. Best Company / career path / better employee development
Iii. Best place to work
Iv. Good product / quality of service
V. Financial stability
Vi. Strong management
Vii. Good corporate governance

N. Reputation management / minimizing negative input on online media
O. Popularizing viral marketing / verbal publicity
S. Increase incoming links through social media based on campaign objectives demonstrated by clients in the Project Objectives & Scope Survey documents, TLP will design internet marketing strategies efficiently
in addressing the client’s business challenges.

Internet Marketing Campaign Activities

Social Media Marketing campaigns for companies/organizations will involve active participation in various blogs, forums, social networking sites, social bookmarking sites, clubs, associations, and related industry sites and organizations. At the time of campaign initiation, we will identify the most popular industry sites and determine the activities involved in the campaign that will produce the desired “results”.

Internet Marketing - Social Media Marketing Service Proposal Structure

We’ll determine the overall direction of the campaign. We will develop a company story; identify the main message, theme and topic of discussion. We will identify all participants; develop profiles & biographies and be responsible of each participant. We’ll set goals and goals, and timelines for each time. This plan will identify and explain what we do, how we do it, when we will do it, and what is expected by word of mouth. The efforts and results of this campaign will be monitored and measured with TLP Promotions & Entertainment. Your organization/company will receive monthly reports and detailed analysis every month.

You will always know where we are and what we need to do, to achieve all the goals and objectives of the campaign. Here are some details about each activity.


There are hundreds of blogs for discussion Some examples are listed below. We will participate in a variety of conversations that provide interesting comments and information on difficult topics. Many comments/posts will involve information about your current brand, blogging participants on behalf of your company will leave an email contact ID for immediate feedback. This will keep addresses out there and increase brand identity and visibility. Topic of conversation and article content and information will emerge from the Objective survey project document, client website, research and general subject knowledge. We can also find interesting videos and/or photos to add to blog posts. Example:Blog 1 : Blog 2 :

Social Networking Sites

A social networking service focuses on building an online community of people, professionals and business owners who share common interests and activities, or who are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others. Professional profiles created to represent companies are a valuable source of information for the community. Professional profiles have the ability to influence readers and promote your brand. It also has the ability to act as an information center about different items such as reputations, testimonials, and reviews from your professional life or your company. Some examples of these sites are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and google+. We will open an account for company and company representatives. Complete the profile and “work” the account by building contacts, links and relationships. We will form a group to get as many people involved as possible. Example:

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is a method for internet users to store, organize, and search, and manage web page bookmarks on the internet. Users save links to web pages they want to remember and/or view. People can view these bookmarks by tag, category or through search engines. Social bookmarking is a powerful technique to attract visitors directly to your website through marketing your website on popular social networking sites like Digg,, StumbleUpon, Reddit etc. We will create multiple profiles on social sites bookmarking to bookmark and promote the company.

Other Social Media Sites

There are several other social media sites such as social news sites, opinion sites, multi-media sites and association sites, which can be utilized to promote an organization/company Depending on branding goals, we can participate in some prominent sites. Multimedia Websites like YouTube, Flickr, and Ustream specialize in online sharing of audio, video, photos, images, slide presentations etc.

Clubs and Associations

There are many industry clubs and associations that have blogs and/or forums. We will participate in some of these in the same way presented above.

Press Release

There are several free and paid online Press Release sites, which publish and distribute company press announcements to thousands of news sites. We develop interesting corner news stories and press release writing that will get media attention and help build your company’s brand or image. Press Release is a great way to get quick publicity as well as public recognition. Example:


Other online Promotion Methods

TimeLinesPro can run other effective website promotion campaigns such as Search Engine Optimization and Banner Ads campaigns to promote your online presence. Search Engine Optimization is a very powerful method to promote a website and equip it very well with social media marketing campaigns. Please let us know if you would like us to propose an effective SEO campaign for the promotion of your website and we would love to cooperate with you.

Internet Marketing Fee

Doing effective internet marketing requires a significant amount of time and expertise. The actual cost is determined by the number of sites involved in the campaign, the number of activities and the level of participation. Actual sites, blogs, forums and other activities will be identified in the planned “quotation” campaign activities.

Consultation and Reporting

Consultation and Reporting All programs include details of monthly reports. The report will outline all activities performed for the campaign. Campaigns can be changed according to the client’s needs.

Implementation Process

Service Agreement : TimeLinesPro will sign an Agreement before the initiation of the service runs. An Agreement includes contract terms, mutual indemnification, cancellation of services and payment terms. Payment is made in advance on a monthly basis. The initial contract is for a period of 3 months. However, the client may cancel the Agreement after each quarterly progress review. After a 3-month period the new Agreement will be negotiated.

Campaign Activity Plan & Timeline : A campaign activity plan and timetable will be prepared before the campaign runs.

Profile Information Creation : we will survey clients about company information before profiling so that the profile reflects accurate information about the company and the people in which it applies.

Profile Chart: A sheet containing all profiles created on various sites along with the password will be given to the client.
Topic Approval Form content: leading articles, posts and press releases must be formally approved by the client prior to publication.

Report Tracking Campaigns: All programs include monthly Report details. The report will outline all activities performed for the campaign. Campaigns can be changed according to the client’s needs.


An internet marketing campaign is accumulative. What we do the first week and the first month, increases the benefits and value of what we do next month and next year. We appreciate the opportunity to work together and look forward to understanding your business challenges so that we can develop and process a strong internet marketing/social media marketing strategy. Please contact us if you have any questions or things to discuss.

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