Facebook and Fanspage Marketing Strategy

Facebook & Fanspage Marketing Strategy

Facebook marketing Strategy – The use of social media in this day and age is a necessity for businesses. Various activities and interactions are now moving to social media. In addition, information is also easy to spread with social media accounts.

Social media is of many kinds, even today it has new brands with a wide variety of advantages. One of them is Facebook. This social media has been supported by many people since its launch. Almost everyone has a facebook account.

Learning Facebook Marketing is very important, because facebook is one of the social media that continues to survive to this day, even its existence becomes the ruler of social media. This is because facebook is easily accessible from various media both hand phone and computer.

In addition, Facebook’s features for marketing that it presents are many and very useful. Facebook’s large number of users is an advantage in itself and is a great opportunity for a sales revolution. Now you can use facebook as an online selling medium. It doesn’t take much capital to open a kiosk or tok, because by capitalizing on a facebook account, you can now sell.

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But there are several factors to be aware of to sell on facebok so that the sales you do can sell and not interfere with other facebook users with all the products you market. This is true you should note, because many sell on facebook but the result is nil, they instead interfere with other facebook users and automatic products traded are not seen at all.

Facebook Marketing

What are some things to note when selling on facebook? let’s check out the following reviews.

facebook fanpage
Facebook Marketing

Minimum Friendlist 2000 – 5000

The first capital is that you have to have as many friends on facebook as possible, try to have at least 2000 friends. But you need to note, these 2000 friends must be properly targeted, must match the target of the product to be marketed. The more friends, the greater the chance of your product being sold.

To find friends to target will be discussed in the next article.

Good Interaction

Good interaction is very influential on the popularity of your facebook account. For more details, please read facebook account’s Popularity Benefits. This interaction can be done by doing Like Comen and Share on updating your friend’s status.

Create Interesting and Useful Posts

In facebook marketing learning materials, interesting posts are a reflection of the products to be sold, make interesting and useful posts, this is intended to make your account a reputable account or does not look like a fake account. Interesting biased posts make you get like comen and share from friends, and this is great for the popularity of your facebook account.

Don’t Post Trades

Posting these trademarks makes our friends saturated, and the most devastating thing is to make your friends feel better. This is very detrimental to you because when someone is biased your next post is not looking at it at all.

Try selling posts regularly and periodically, of course by presenting sales as attractively as possible.

Often often friends who are Online

If your friends are online, it’s no harm to take the time to say hello to them, in addition to tightening up this relationship is also very useful for your account.

Don’t tag trades all the time

Many people feel rishi if someone nge tag trade without seizing them, walhasil you can be unfriend from that person. Therefore tag as necessary, try to just tag on the true friends we know, and that’s in the way of joint activities, such as photos together in one activity or routine.

Learn FB Fanspage Marketing

Learn Facebook & Fanspage Marketing
Facebook Facts

When compared to a regular facebook account, facebook fanspage has many advantages. This advantage is very useful to be used as an online marketing media or online sales. In addition to its unlimited reach, fanspage now has several new features to support online sales.

One of them is the feature of the store, where we can display our products and the price. Then there’s the live schedule setting feature. This feature can be used when we will set the exact timing of the post. And many more features on this fanspage.

That good feature if not supported by the right marketing techniques then the result will be less optimal. This marketing technique can be used to optimize the fanpage account to keep many visitors and look active, Surely this is very useful to disseminate your online efforts.

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Therefore before starting sales using fanspage, it is highly recommended to learn fanspage marketing first. By studying good marketing techniques, it certainly affects the sales capacity of our prosuk.

In fanspage marketing learning, many factors must be learned, especially social capital factors. This social capital factor is often not cared for by many online sellers on facebook so its sales capacity is stagnant only. In this social capital is much discussed about the social factors that affect the habits of facebook users as the main target of sales. Therefore we must have capable social capital to boost sales.

Fanspage Marketing Learning Aspects

Here are some aspects to note when you use fanspage as an online selling medium.

1. Minimum 5000 likes fanspage

The advantage of fanspage one of them is that it can have members without limiting the number. This is an advantage of fanspage when compared to facebook accounts that are limited to 5000 friends. So try to get the number of fans on your page to exceed the number of friend restrictions on your regular account. That’s more than 5000 fans. The more fans, the greater the opportunity to disseminate the products they have.

2. Post Products Periodically on Facebook Fanspage

Post products regularly, this also affects the popularity of fanspage accounts. Try posting at times people use facebook. You can do your research in advance about the right time.

To post regularly, you can use the scheduling feature on your fanspage account. You can pin at a specific time as you wish, or according to the exact timing based on the research results.

3. Use Images with Good Quality

Good images are supporting in marketing. By using good quality images, consumers can clearly see the products you market. In addition, the professional impression is also visible on your product.

Note that if image editing is necessary, don’t edit the image too crowded, or too busy. Edit as much as lighting, or information about our contacts.

4. Use Interesting Copywraiting Techniques

Copywriting is a very good support for marketing. But on this occasion it will not be discussed plainly. You can buy copywraiting engineering books or read articles in online media to learn good copywraiting techniques.

5. Direct fans to bbm or Whatsap Account

Information about BBM and Whatsap accounts is helpful for interacting with consumers, so navigate any products you post on your BBM or WA account.

6. Optimization Using Facebook Ads

If you have more capital for marketing, using the Facebook Ads service is an effective way to attract customers to your fanspage account, or to the products you offer. By using this service, Facebook will promote our account or product in accordance with our in/out targets.

Thus social capital learns fanspage marketing. In addition, you should also pay attention to the comfort aspect of consumers. Do not let the existence of your fanspage account not even be tweeted by facebook users.

Happy selling, don’t forget to share useful things on members and friendlists on our social media accounts. Good luck.

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