Overseas Oil and Gas Company in Indonesia

Overseas Oil and Gas "Oil and Gas" Company in Indonesia

Loper has previously discussed how the Regulation and Policy of the Oil and Gas Industry. policies that will regulate the growth rate of the oil and gas industry “oil and gas” in Indonesia. There is no denying that the regulation is intended so that the procedures and activities of oil and gas exploration and exploitation in Indonesia can provide direct benefits to the People of Indonesia.

Oil and gas “Oil and Gas” companies in Indonesia are now starting to develop both from regulations and policies on the “Oil and Gas” industry. Through exploration activities that have been conducted so far there are still approximately 50 undeveloped oil and gas discovery structures, with an estimated potential reserves of 280 million barrels for oil and 5.8 trillion cubic feet of gas. Oil and gas “Oil and Gas” companies in Indonesia are expected to contribute to increase national oil and gas reserves and production in the next five-six years, spread across 24 working areas throughout Indonesia.

Here are some Foreign Oil and Gas “Oil and Gas” Companies in Indonesia;


Baker Hughes Incoporated, creates value from the bottom of oil and gas storage with the best performance in the field of drilling, evaluation, completions and production technology & services, integrated operations and consultation around the oil and gas storage bottom where they emphasize from the aspect of cost efficiency, reduce risk or increase productivity for the oil and gas industry in general.

Baker Hughes Oil and Gas Company was formed in 1987 with the merger of Baker Hughes International and the tool company where both were founded more than 100 Years ago when RC Baker and Howard Hughes, made a breakthrough in terms of discovery that later revolutionized the era of oil and gas was still young.

The Oil and Gas Company’s Operating Area “Baker Hughes” includes North America, Latin America, Afroca, Europe, Russia Caspian, Middle East and Asia Pacific. Baker Hughes’ global operations, supported by three business segments covering 9 product line groups that develop, manufacture and support the Industry through the latest technology.


Overseas Oil and Gas "Oil and Gas" Company in Indonesia

British Petroleum “BP” Indonesia – This oil and gas company is headquartered in London, England. for more than 4 decades BP has built partnerships with the Indonesian government, and is one of the largest investors with a compulsive investment of more than $5 Billion.

BP’s exploration activities are dominated by the Tangguh LNG mine, which is the site of its first operation and also one of the largest LNG facilities. Tangguh LNG is a large Multinational project involving the construction of six gas fields in Wiriagar, Berau and Muturi Production Sharing Contract “PSC” in Bintuni Bay, West Papua.

Not only in the Oil and Gas Industry, oil and gas companies that have dominated BP, in early 2014 BP bought all shares owned by Japan namely Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. “MCI” and Mitsui & Co Ltd “MBK” in PT Amoco Mitsui PTA Indonesia “AMI”, a Joint Venture Company that produces and sells Purified Terephthalic Acid “PTA”, so that it can be concluded total bp shares in pt company. Petrochemicals Become 100%. New company

Pt. Bp Indonesia Petrochemicals can produce 530,000 Tons per Year from PTA, raw materials for polyester used in clothing, food and beverage packaging and some industrial applications.


Chevron is one of the largest oil and gas /energy companies in the world which has also been a partner in the Indonesian economy for more than 80 years.

Chevron began energy exploration and production in Indonesia in 1924, when the Standard Oil Company of California “Socal”, now called Chevron, sent a geological expedition to the island of Sumatra.

As the largest producer of crude and geothermal oil in Indonesia, Chevron contributes about 40% of national production, operated by more than 6,400 employees as well as more than 30,000 partner employees. where 97 percent of Chevron’s employees are Indonesian nationals. Chevron has operations on two of Indonesia’s largest islands, Sumatra and Kalimantan.

Chevron also markets lubricant products in Indonesia through its subsidiary PT Chevron Oil Products Indonesia. Pt. Chevron Oil Products Indonesia markets caltex lubricants throughout Indonesia through their distribution network. These products serve the commercial, industrial, general consumer and marine markets. Chevron also markets asphalt through the Caltex Asphalt trademark. Other industries such as Chevron Electric produce two geothermal projects operated in Java Island ‘Darajat and Salak’, which are held by a subsidiary of Chevron Geothermal.


Conocophillips Inc Ltd – This oil and gas company is one of the largest international energy companies in the field of oil and gas exploration and production. Headquartered in Houston, Texas United States, the third largest company and the second largest auctioneer in the United States, it has operations in nearly 27 countries, including Indonesia. This oil and gas company is listed on theNew York Stock Exchangeunder the symbol “COP”.

ConocoPhillips is renowned for its deep-sea exploration and production technology expertise, reservoir exploitation and management, 3D seismic technology, high-grade petroleum cake upgrading, and sulfur removal. Not only conducting refining activities, ConocoPhillips also markets, supplies and distributes oil and gas.

ConocoPhillips operates five “PSC” revenue sharing contracts in Indonesia, namely offshore South Natuna Sea Block B and four onshore PSCs. In addition, this oil and gas company has other operating areas in Block Corridor and Jambi Slatan B, both of which are located in South Sumatra. ConocoPhillips also had operations in Warim, Papua, and Palangkaraya, Kalimantan in 2013. The assets of oil and gas company “ConocoPhillips” are concentrated in two main areas namely South Natuna Sea and Land Mining in South Sumatra.


Overseas Oil and Gas "Oil and Gas" Company in Indonesia

Eni Indonesia – This oil and gas / energy company is a subsidiary of Eni of Italy, which is a contracting company for cooperation contracts “KKKS” appointed by BPMIGAS to conduct oil and gas exploration and production in Indonesia.

Eni has been operating in Indonesia since 1968, through the Production Sharing Agreement “PSA” signed with stato oil company Pertamina to bring the exploration oil activities of Teluk Berau and Arafura area, from the East sea of Indonesia.

in 1970, Eni obtained two mining contracts in blocks A and B, where the Natuna “Block A” natural gas field was found. By the time the Exploration Licence expired in 1984, Eni had produced more than 640,000 sqkm of offshore area over a 16-year period.

In 2000 Eni resumed exploration, development and onshore and offshore oil production activities in Indonesia, related to the purchase of the British oil and gas company Lasmo. Eni’s operations are concentrated in areas off the east and east coasts of terrestrial Kalimantan, Eni has participating interest in eight locations in two oil coordinates Kutai and Tarakan. Eni’s exploration and production operations are governed by the “PSC” revenue sharing Agreement.

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Those are some foreign oil and gas companies that conduct exploration in the territory of Indonesia that has long explored the earth of Indonesia. that has helped the development in Indonesia. There are still many other “Oil and Gas” oil and gas companies exploring indonesia. will loper discuss in the next article about foreign oil and gas companies located in Indonesia. Hopefully useful… 😀

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