Forex Trading Risks and Advantages

Forex Trading Risks and Advantages

can forex trading provide a big profit?

It could be. but in other aspects, forex trading can also cause big losses as well. not only the loss of money, but also the invaluable loss of time wasted. Therefore, learning and knowledge about forex is an absolute requirement that you must live with first.

Forex Trading Risks and Advantages

Forex is still widely regarded as one of the richest fast ways. In reality, forex trading involves a great risk as sufficient skill is required before entering real forex trading.

Here are some risks of online forex trading:

  • Forex trading allows to lose up to 100% of your capital. Forex trading belongs to the category of high risk – high gain, which is why the introduction of the base is very important to help you recognize this type of market from different sides. From there you just decide whether to stay in the plunge, or withdraw from trading before becoming remorseful and late.
  • Another risk that comes with the fact that most of the traders are failing in the early phases of the forex world. This is more caused by mental and psychological factors that jad barrier such as; tend to be greedy, ‘blind’ when dealing with money, lack of discipline factors, etc.
  • The number of profit-seekers from peers who are new to the world of trading is another important issue. Do a little googling and we’ll find hundreds of sites that promise a definite profit of hundreds of percent IF you buy a trading system/ EA/trading robot/join their group. It may be rude, but most of these sites only sell lies.
  • There is no/least special educational institution / training forex trading makes you will depend heavily on self-discipline to systematically learn forex trading, which is a challenge in itself.
  • Forex trading gives us the opportunity to make a profit at any time for 24 hours a day and 5 days a week. of course it also means allowing us to lose at any time.

Advantages of forex trading:

  • Small initial capital. the large number of online forex brokers allows you to start trading even with an initial capital of $1 only.
  • Not tied to working hours. For 24 hours ,5 days a week, you can do forex transactions.
  • Unlimited profit potential. If accompanied by sufficient skill and mental ability, forex trading provides the possibility to gain unlimited profit.
  • Learning information is widely spread across the internet. all you need is to sift through the information and use it for your learning materials. So how to minimize the risks faced?

Here are some ways that may help colleagues in minimizing the risks faced;

Minimalism the Risks and Advantages of Forex Trading
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Know your ‘battlefield’ first.

Learn more about what the forex market is, how the forex market works, who is the culprit, and what is the role of the market participants, as well as other factors that can affect the forex market. Material about this can be found in this forum, or by googling.

Get to know the technicalities of forex trading practices

Recognize and familiarize yourself with technical factors in daily trading activities in trading platforms used respectively (MT4,novativa streamster,VTtrader,etc.) such as opening positions, closing positions, setting stoploss and take profit, regulating used lots, etc.

Don’t rush

Just because reading/buying/getting one profit technique is 1000% a day, or buying 1 EA is definitely a profit do not immediately rush to open a real account and plunge trading. see the first step and if it feels OK, use the demo account facility first to test in the real environment.

Use a comprehensive ‘trading strategy/trading system’.

Discipline the trading activities of colleagues by using/compiling a clear set of operating procedure standards and can be used as a handle. This not only covers the amount of Take profit and stop loss, but also includes the value of the lot used, its financial management.. and others.

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