The Influence of Social Media Marketing for Companies

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Social Media Marketing – Every company should usually always create awareness, brand image or increase sales.

But some companies are still hesitant to use social media as a means in an effort to boost these three things. This is triggered by the number of companies that are still hesitant to allocate investments in mangadopsi social media. Whereas to be able to support the above three things, companies must do more than rely on conventional media that in the future will have less impact on the company itself.

Many companies also measure the effectiveness of social media is because they think that social media is free.

In fact, who says soc ial free media?

Application and physical social media are available for free, but they forget that one of the measurements of the effectiveness of social media must be done periodically and maintained well and continuously.

Is Social Media Marketing Important for Companies?

At the very least, even on a small scale, companies already have to have staff to maintain their social media accounts. This is very important because one of the measurements of the effectiveness of social media must be done periodically and maintained properly and continuously. Even in the future, it could be that companies will be forced by social media companies to pay. This will be triggered by the difficulty of finding new followers and fans. Lately, companies are also increasingly realizing that they need a more precise target market, this is what triggered the growth of media consultants who dedicate their time to conducting market dredging, campaigns and promotions through social media Marketing.

But what needs to be realized is, measurement in the field of social media is a relatively new strategy and the measurement is also still very relative because the awareness is more non-physical. In business schools that usually produce MBA degrees, it has also not been taught.

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But building a brand and giving public awareness of the services, products or services owned by a company remains to be done! And through Social Media, trends can be created, awareness can be formed or built, and products can be socialized aggressively and continuously. And this is a challenge for marcomm division of a company to create a strategy that is appropriate, integrated and integrated, of course with the support of management and other divisions as a data source of their campaign materials “social media Marketing”.

social media marketing

Any company wants to increase branding on its products. In the era of digital marketing / Internet marketing now, then the most appropriate choice is branding through social media. The most widely used social media in product branding are facebook and twitter.

There are still some social media that can be used such as Path, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ but the most users are still Facebook and Twitter.

Social media becomes an advertising medium because internet users are constantly increasing, in addition branding awareness on social media is easy to do.

Internet User Facts in Indonesia

The Growing Number of Social Media Users.

Webershandwick, a public relations and communications services company, provided data as of November 2013 that for the indonesian region there are about 65 million active Facebook users. A total of 33 million active users per day. Twitter users, based on PT Bakrie Telecom data, have 19.5 million users in Indonesia out of a total of 500 million global users.

Social media users include from various circles from elementary school children to workers aged 35 years and above.

In fact, throughout 2012 to 2013, the most significant growth in active social media users of both Twitter and Facebook was the generation with the age of 35 and above.

Marketing Word of Mouth

Everyone Is More Easily Affected By Friends’ Recommendations On Social Media
Marketing Word of Mouth has been famous for its most powerful marketing for a long time. Similarly, in the digital world, they trust what their friends say on social media that recommends a product.

Everyone Loves Branding

Everyone wants to know the products used, of course with a good branding strategy. According to research by a marketing institution, people prefer products that have a Facebook account, rather than products that don’t have one.

Benefits of Social Media for Companies

Social media helps improve networks

Network in marketing is very good in promoting a product, and when fostering the network by providing solid advice for free, there will be more visitors or traffic. Being active on social media can help you build your brand reputation, making you an expert at converting visitors into your customers.

As a marketing medium

Marketing in social media can serve to introduce products and product advantages. In addition it serves to reduce marketing costs.

As Public Relation & Customer Service

Social media can be used as an official publication media because it effectively reaches the public. In social media companies can answer questions for those who are not familiar with the products offered, such as the utilization and usefulness of the product, or in handling complaints.

Get Quick Feedback

Social media is a place that is used to interact while pouring what they have in mind, what they want, etc. With social media, it is easy to get quick feedback, so that the company knows what the target market wants and helps to improve the quality of the company’s service to consumers.

Social media helps in SEO optimization.

SEO is a way that the website can reach page one google with targeted keywords. One way is a link that is on social media. With the presence of links on social media shows quality links. With a website that reaches page one will make visitors visit a lot, which ultimately encourages the branding of a product or sales.

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