It’s The Influence of SEO On Sales


How important is Search Engine Optimization to online businesses? How do you do that? Those are the 2 questions of beginners or people who are cloud going online business. The method will be discussed in the article below.



How Big an SEO Role Is for Your Business

Previously TLP already explained SEO for new websites. Roughly that importance ±60% of your business. Well, that’s a big percentage, too, right. Without SEO traffic will not be much, traffic will not be much of course later sales are a little too. The key of the online business is traffic, traffic we get one of them with SEO .

Imagine your business website in a day visited by 2500+ people per day, there are at least 1/5 who will make an order and approximately 1/8 will make a transaction what is your income a day? Bigger, isn’t it? That’s the role/importance of SEO to online businesses.

How to Optimize Our Website ?

  1. Learn SEO → Do Optimization.
  2. No need to learn → Take Advantage of SEO Services.

Choose which one? If you have more capital you can utilize / use the services. However, if you do not have capital, of course you have to learn the SEO. It’s easy to learn seo it, learn SEO it’s bigger to practice. Now I’ll try to explain briefly how to optimize.

  1. Register your Web to Google Web Master.
  2. Fill your sales website with articles that are the same as your sales. For example, you sell clothes related to the website, then create an article that preaches the website and then posts to your website. Don’t forget the article written full SEO optimization On Page.
  3. Do SEO optimization Off Page articles that you created earlier.
  4. Enter the info of the product you are selling.

What about services? SEO services are individuals or groups that help optimize your website according to the keywords you target. And generally limit how many keywords are targeted, ± 7 keywords. What’s the rate? After browsing the tariff when using the average service Rp. 500,000 to Rp. 3.000.000.

+ / – SEO Services.
(+) You don’t have to bother taking care of it.
(+) Your web traffic will increase.
(+) Sales could be on the rise.
(-) SEO is only optimized during the contract period.
(-) It costs more.
and Search Engine Optimization it TAKES TIME …?

If you intend to do optimization yourself, the thing to remember is that SEO takes time. Don’t assume that once your web optimization will instantly get a lot of traffic.

The time it takes for optimization ± 2 months. Set the time for optimization, for example 2 days 1 optimization. And another alternative to bring visitors besides Search Engine Optimization optimization is to build a social network such as facebook &twitter. That’s the brief description.

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Between learning by using SEO Services it depends on you. The above 2 things have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, if you are new and learn Search Engine Optimization instead of using the Service. And the SEO capabilities of learning Search Engine Optimization can be used for optimization of other websites. Hopefully this article helps determine your choice for SEO.

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