Tips for Choosing an Online Store Domain Name

Tips for Choosing an Online Store Domain Name

Do you believe that an attractive website name can have a big impact on the viability of your online business? But before choosing a domain name, there are many considerations to consider. Nowadays, many business people often feel confused to determine. Then what are the things that should be considered before choosing a domain name for our business website? Here are tips on choosing an interesting online store domain name.

Choose a short domain name

We recommend that the domain name used on the website is short. Don’t be too long to be memorable. Long and complicated domain names will make it difficult for others to remember. You can create a short domain name, up to twenty characters long. But it’s even better if it’s only ten characters away.

Make your domain name memorable

Besides being easy to remember, we recommend that domain names are also made memorable to make them easier to remember. Choose a name that can give a firm impression and represent the business that is being run. Choosing a memorable domain name makes it easy for people to remember your business site. Avoid abbreviations or words that are difficult to read.

Domain names should be easy to spell

Never choose a domain name that’s hard to spell by your potential customers. Use common and common words or terms. But if that’s not possible, we recommend that you use the company or brand name of your product.

Choose popular and memorable extensions

We recommend that you choose the right domain extension. There are currently several domain extensions available, including domains .com for commercial entities, .org for organizational institutions, .net for ISP network providers, .mil for military institutions, and .edu for educational institutions. But for now, the domain extension that many people remember most is .com. Then the second best extension is .net.

Do not use symbols

Avoid domain names that contain symbols such as numbers or hyphens. Usually people tend to type the domain name of a website without a hyphen, aliases are accompanied by all. However, if you are forced to use hyphens or numbers, do not choose a domain name that is too long.

Domain names must be descriptive

The domain name must be descriptive, meaning a name that can describe the business you’re selling. Later your website visitors will be faster and easier to associate the name domai with your business.

Use personal names and targeted keywords

You can use a personal name or a short nickname as a domain, if you want your blog or personal website to become faster known to people. As for business, you can use targeted keywords like,, and many others.

Combine brand or company names

You can combine the name of a brand or company with the type of business you are running. For example, you have a business in production, then you have a business name. Combine the two into one with the formula of brand name + business type (can also be reversed). For example, or

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Those are some tips to choose a good domain name in order to be quickly known by people, especially prospective buyers and clients. You can explore as many domain names as you want. There are many domain names from various businesses that can be used as inspiration. Happy finding the right domain name for your blog or website!

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