Why Don’t Adsense Ads Appear On Blogs?


Do your adsense ads not appear on your blog? The reason why Adsense ads don’t appear correctly on your blog. Here I will explain the following common problems by solving them.

“WhyDon’t Adsense Ads Appear on My Blog?“, this question is common that I often see on blogger forums and sometimes I try to solve this problem, because it does take quite a while to figure out the cause why adsense ads don’t appear. Every blogger has different reasons for this problem. I’ll try to discuss it for a common reason and here are tips on addressing that.

Before you work out what’s going on, I recommend that you log in first to your adsense account and make sure there are no warnings or notifications from Google about ad serving on your blog.

When ads don’t appear, many bloggers really understand how to get it done. since there is indeed no tool to solve this problem, I usually do a manual check on the blog and do some options to find out what went wrong on my blog. Here I will explain the following main reasons tips for addressing it;

1. Hosted Accounts

This is a very common reason ads don’t appear on blogs. If you have an Adsense hosted account and you try to use it on a non-hosted account, adsense ads may not appear on your blog. This won’t happen if you upgrade your previously owned blog its own domain. Once you upgrade to your own browser, your web is no longer part of the host platform and therefore ads will not appear.

2. Adsynchronus Adsense Ad Script

You use asynchronus ad script?, this is a new, more efficient way of serving ads and can help in many cases to load ads without affecting the loading of your blog pages. But, this script is known to have compatibility issues with many other scripts. maybe some other scripts block your Asynchronous script from showing ads. If you use asynchronous ads, you can replace them with normal adsense scripts.

3. New Ad Delay

Did you just create an ad unit? In most cases, your ad will start showing within 15 minutes of creating a new ad unit. However, in some cases, it can take up to 1 hour to show ads. So, if you’ve just created an ad unit, don’t panic. Keep loading your page every 5 minutes and start troubleshooting only after 1 hour of the time you create the ad. Usually, this is the first step I try with most bloggers. When someone asks me to help with this problem, I will ask for 1 hour and at that point the problem will be able to be solved by itself.

4. Too many widgets and scripts

Do you use too many widgets and scripts on your page? Some of these widgets and scripts can be blocking your ads. As a starting point, take note of all the widgets and scripts you use. Then delete all. Check if the AdSense ads that appear after warming up are sufficient. If the ads start working, then add the widgets and scripts one by one. Find out which one blocked your blog ads.

5. Ad script not included

This may sound strange but I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about ads not appearing really don’t have ad scripts placed properly. Most people use some widgets in their CMS to enter ad units and it’s very likely that the AdSense widget isn’t doing the job properly. The best way to solve this problem is to check the source. right click on your web page and view the source. Now look for the AdSense script in the source code. Do you see the ad code used correctly in the page? Otherwise, check your widget and your blog settings. Make sure you use the correct pubic id and the script is used with the correct syntax.

6. Hidden by other elements

blogger In some cases, I’ve seen using ads in a way hidden by other elements on the page because of the way DIV and other container tags are used. Try moving your ad unit around to a different location on the page and waiting a few minutes to see if it works.

7. Two-step approval process

Google uses a two-step approval process for AdSense. When you apply, you will get, first-rate instant approval quickly. At this stage, you can start using AdSense ads on your site. However, only blank ads will be served at this time. Once the ad unit starts serving impressions, it will go into the review queue and Google will finally review your blog. Only after you get second-rate approval will you start seeing real ads.

8. ad serving was previously disabled

If your account was previously disabled or ad serving was terminated for some violations, it may take up to 48 hours for our ads to start appearing again.

9. Ad blockers

If you can’t see any ads but others who see ads on your site, it could happen because some antivirus blockers, viruses or ads prevent you from seeing ads. Check each of your browser or antivirus extensions to see if they’re blocking ads.

10. PIN Verification

If Google has issued you a PIN but you haven’t received it and aren’t signed in to the site, your ads will no longer appear on the site. Try to get PIN verification done as quickly as possible

More troubleshooting tips

1. Try different sizes of ad units. ad placement

2. Try different locations on the page.

3. Try using AdSense ads on some other blogs and see if it works on other sites.

4. Try using an AdSense script from someone else on your blog and see if it shows ads.

Contact Google

Adsense Ads Don't Appear On Blogs

If you still fail to resolve your issue, you can try using the Google AdSense troubleshooting steps.

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