10 Idols To South Korean Artists Who Have Been Dragged Into Bullying Cases In 2021


Currently, cases of bullying involving the names of a number of idols to South Korean artists are still a topic of conversation. In fact, this case of bullying is no longer new news in the South Korean entertainment world.

Initially, the case against a number of idols began from allegations that appeared in forums and most of the victims claimed to be their schoolmates. However, many of them denied the allegations and the agency confirmed them.

Although many of the allegations are untrue, the aftermath of these allegations has an impact on the careers of idols and artists involved in the case. Many of them were kicked out of dramas, advertisements, removed from brand ambassadors to remove all videos starring them. Then, who are the idols to South Korean artists who have been involved in bullying cases other than Ji so? Let’s take a good look at ya

Jo Byung Gyu

Jo Byung Gyu
Jo Byung Gyu

On February 16, 2021, an allegation surfaced that dragged a Korean actor named Jo Byung Gu. The allegations come from a man claiming to be Jo Byung Gyu’s former schoolmate who accused him of bullying while in high school.

The man claimed that Jo Byung Gyu once insulted him with harsh words to invite a fight. Not only that, he also said that the artist once forced himself to pay karaoke fees and beat him with a microphone.

However, this allegation was denied by HB entertainment as the agency that houses Jo Byung Gyu. The agency announced it would take legal action because the allegations were untrue. Jo Byung Gyu himself also gave a statement that he was indeed a school with the person who accused him but never knew.

Mingyu “Seventeen”

Mingyu "Seventeen"
Mingyu “Seventeen” Photos

This time came from a South Korean idol who belonged to the group Seventeen. He is Mingyu who was dragged by rumors of bullying on February 22, 2021. In addition, Mingyu is also accused of smoking, skipping, and stealing money from his friends during school. However, this rumor was denied by Pledis Entertainmen as an agency from Seventeen.

On February 26, 2021, another post appeared that said that the idol born in 1997 had been bullying a student with special needs. There are also other posts accusing Mingyu and temannta of sexual harassment.

Shortly after the new rumors surfaced, seventeen agencies released a statement in which they contacted the claiming victims and checked the truth. Even the agency mentioned that Mingyu confirmed that the rumors were not true.

After a thorough investigation, Pledis Entertainment confirmed that the rumors were false. As a result of these rumors, Mingyu had a break from all seventeen promotional activities.

Soojin “(G)I-DLE”

soojin "(G)I-DLE"
oojin “(G)I-DLE”

One member (G)I-DLE, Soojin, was dragged into a bullying case after a post surfaced that the Korean idol had been the perpetrator of bullying and smoking during school. The case began when a netizen revealed the bullying he experienced while at school. He said that Soojin once called him along with his brother to the bathroom. Soojin then slaps them.

However, Cube Entertainment as the agency that oversees (G)I-DLE denied the allegations. Meanwhile, this accusation is also directly refuted by Soojin that he never did as alleged.

Although the allegations are untrue, this impacts Soojin’s career. The agency (G)I-DLE decided to temporarily vacuum Soojin from all his activities along with his group. Not only that, peripera cosmetics brand that makes Soojin as Brand Ambassador has deleted all photos of Soojin (G)I-DLE on Instagram and Twitter.

Hyunjin “Stray Kids”

Hyunjin "Stray Kids"
Hyunjin “Stray Kids”

This time came from an idol who joined a new group called Stray Kids. The idol is named Hyunjin. Hyunjin is reported to have been violent and often hurled harsh words at his friends during junior high school. This news comes after an online site upload on February 22, 2021.

According to the Dispatch post, on February 26, 2021, JYP Entertainment as an agency of Stray Kids revealed that Hyunjin was designated as a perpetrator of violence at school before his debut. Some alumni have posted a fact. They have offered their apologies to the fans for their artist’s actions.

Meanwhile, Hyunjin himself has admitted to inappropriate words and deeds in the past. There are some people who were hurt by the words and actions of this idol while sitting in school. He has also apologized to the victims of his violence and even met them in person. The victim himself is said to have received a sincere request from Hyunjin.

The aftermath of this case caused Hyunjin to take a hiatus from all Stray Kids activities for a while. Even a South Korean professional makeup brand removed all promotional photos featuring Stray Kids as a model for its products. The removal was done even though there was no evidence related to the allegations made to Hyunjin Stray Kids related to the bullying case.



On February 22, 2021, a post appeared that dragged the name of one of the EVERGLOW members named Aisha in the bullying case. The post was written by someone claiming to be the victim of a bully from Aisha during school. Aisha is said to have often been bullying and saying profanity.

Following up on the case, Yuehua Entertainment as an agency from EVERGLOW denied the allegations that dragged the artist’s name. They will also have time to bring into the realm of law if anyone is spreading these untrue rumors.

Lia “ITZY”

Lia "ITZY"
Lia “ITZY”

One of ITZY’s members, Lia, was dragged into a bullying case. This idol is accused of bullying while in school. In response, the agency, JYP Entertainment, confirmed that the rumors were untrue on February 24, 2021.

Park Hye so

Park Hye so
Park Hye so

Furthermore, the line-up of idols to Korean artists involved in the bullying case is new actress Park Hye so. The actress, who will make a comeback in the drama Dear M along with NCT’s Jaehyun, is rumored to have been bullied during school.

This rumor existed after a post on February 22, 2021 from someone claiming that the actress was bulying while sitting in junior high school. The person claimed that Park Hye so often bullied and asked students for money.

The rumors were debunked by the agency that houses Park Hye so’s artist Studio Santa Claus. In fact, Dispatch as the largest news media in South Korea has also conducted digital forensics from Park Hye so’s old mobile phone. The search results were uploaded on March 3, 2021 in the form of posting several photos of Park Hye so’s short messages with her friend.

In the message, it is concluded that park hye so’s bullying allegations are untrue. Someone claiming to be the victim of Park Hye so’s bullying was bullied by someone else. but others

The impact of this case caused a number of activities related to the promotion of the drama Dear M to be postponed. Even the airing of the drama was also postponed which was originally to air on February 26, 2021, but will be postponed until an undetermined time limit.

Naeun “APRIL”

Naeun "APRIL"
Naeun “APRIL”

This time came from idols as well as Korean artists who are members of the group APRIL. One of its members named Naeun is accused of being involved in a bullying case with fellow APRIL member Hyunjoo. HyunJoo is a former APRIL member who left in 2016.

The allegations were first revealed on February 28, 2021 by someone claiming to be Hyunjoo’s brother. As a result of this case, a number of companies working with Naeun such as J Estina and Samjin removed promotional content featuring Naeun.

Not only that, Naeun’s appearance on television was also unilaterally removed as was done on SBS variety show Delicious Rendezvous featuring Naeun.

Choi Ye Bin

Choi Ye Bin
Choi Ye Bin

Who doesn’t know the drama of The Penthouse? One of the performers named Choi Ye Bin was involved in a bullying case. The allegations stem from a man who claimed to be the victim of the artist’s bullying through a post in the online community, Pann.

The allegations were later denied by J-Wide Company as choi ye bin’s artist agency. As of March 2, 2021, the agency has taken action to refute that the post is very different from the actual facts.

Ji Soo

Ji Soo

Recently, actor Ji so’s name was also dragged over the case of bullying during school. The case began with rumors that Ji so had been the perpetrator of bullying and sexual abuse during school.

Regarding the rumors, KeyEast Entertainment confirmed that it will seek the truth of the allegations. After one day on Thursday (3/4/2021), Ji so admitted and apologized for the bullying he had committed while at school. This was revealed through a letter upload on her personal Instagram account.

In the aftermath of the korean artist’s case, the 1993-born actor was removed from the drama River Where the Moon Rises where in the drama, Ji so was cast in the lead role. Not only that, all dramas, advertisements, videos featuring Ji so are rumored to be deleted by a number of television stations and streaming service applications.

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Now that’s some idols to South Korean artists who were dragged into a case of bullying in 2021. Of these cases, there are facts evidenced by the confessions of the idols involved and some are only rumors with evidence that cannot be verified.

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