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Indian movies are the most popular movies among the public thanks to their interesting plot. It is not uncommon for people to keep watching Indian movies even though they have been repeatedly played on television screens. The plot of the Indian movie story is able to make its viewers interested.

Not surprisingly, Bollywood is the largest film industry in the world, with over 1,000 movies released every year. Not only great in terms of the number of films released, the quality of Indian films rises in terms of storyline, cinematography, and other aspects worthy of thumbs up and makes the quality of these films beyond Bollywood standards and on par with western films.

Well, for those of you who need the best quality Indian movie references, here are 15 movies that you must watch.

List of Best and Most Popular Indian Movies

My Name Is Khan

Indian Movies

The movie tells the story of someone who gets married but has different beliefs, the movie is quite tear-jerking when SRK’s stepson dies due to a misunderstanding. SRK’s portrayal of a mentally challenged but intelligent and religiously devout person makes the movie even more interesting.

Kajool plays SRK’s wife who has a different faith but respects SRK’s faith. The movie is like a reunion movie between Kajool and SRK who have not seen each other in a movie for a long time.

Apart from the interesting storyline of the movie, the characters in the movie are top Indian personalities. So it’s no wonder that this movie was so successful compared to other Indian movies. In this movie again Shahrukh Khan is paired with Kajol. The two stars do have an extraordinary chemistry that is often made into a couple in a movie.


The movie stars legendary Indian actors Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, and Aishwarya Rai. Mohabbatein tells a complicated and struggling love story for each of its characters. The story begins with the three new students who enter Gurukul school and love someone in the school.

However, Narayan (Amitabh Bachchan), the owner of Gurukul, forbids his students from getting involved in a love story with any girl. Then Raj Aryan (Shahrukh Khan) arrives to make the three young men successfully fight for their love.

On the other hand, Raj Aryan is dating the Gurukul owner’s beautiful daughter Megha (Aishwarya Rai). Of course, their relationship was opposed by Narayan, the daughter who obeyed all her father’s rules chose to end her life.

Kuch-Kuch Hota Hai

This movie with a drama genre, is very draining for every story. The movie does have a happy ending but in its appearance, the movie is always peppered with heart-wrenching stories. The story of teenagers and romance turns into an epic family story. In this movie, the story of two friends meeting accidentally and happening in a temple, successfully made the audience amazed.

Because of the popularity of this movie, there are still many who replay and re-watch this movie. Starting from a story of friendship that turns into unrequited love, this movie uses a backward plot to show it. The story always revolves around these three characters and SRK and Kajool are the main leads in the movie.


It hasn’t been long since the release of this movie in 2016. This movie has a very interesting storyline and is packaged as well as possible. So people consider that this movie is also one of the best Indian movies of all time. Ribhu Dasgubta is a renowned director who co-directed this movie.

The popularity of this film is added by the presence of phenomenal characters and legends in the world of Bollywood cinema such as Amitabh Bachchan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Mukesh Chhabra, Vidya Balan. In addition, this movie is also a remake of a movie that was released in South Korea, Montage.

3 Idiots

The movie 3 Idiots was one of the first movies starring Aamir Khan who also acted in the movie PK (2014). This best Indian movie tells the story of two friends, Farhan Qureshi (played by R. Madhavan) and Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi) who are in search of their old relative, Rancho (Aamir Khan) who inspired them so much and never looked down on them.

The back-and-forth plot of the movie follows Farhan Qureshi and Raju Rastogi’s journey to find their long lost friend Racho, while recalling the events of their school years where they were often involved in hilarious crimes involving the notorious rector of their college.

In this movie, the audience will be presented with many lessons about values in life, how good deeds can make an impression on people’s lives and make meaningful changes.

Dhoom 3

This movie is a very familiar movie, especially in Indonesia because it is often played on television screens. Even this movie has been watched by millions of people and earned the title as the best Indian movie of all time. In addition, the movie was also screened in various countries with various subtitles.

The plot, which is a chase between the police and a seasoned thief, is packed in an epic manner so as not to bore the audience. This movie always features a storyline that is beyond the imagination of the audience. Even the artist who became the main character in this film is a top artist whose name is already famous in the world of Bollywood, such as Aamiir Khan, Katrina Kaif and many more.

PK (Peekay)

Indian Movies

The movie, starring Aamir Khan, was released in 2014 and received a lot of appreciation and had a fairly high rating. This is natural, because almost every Indian movie that Amiir Khan has acted in has been a huge success and has a lot of profits.

In addition, Anuskha Sharma is also one of the main characters of the movie. So good is the plot and background displayed by the movie PK, that PK became a successful movie in the box office ranks. Watching this movie is something not to be missed. Therefore, try to watch and enjoy this movie.

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Bajrangi Bhaijan

The movie, starring Salman Khan and Karena Kapoor, is the highest rated and most frequently aired movie. Because this movie tells the story of a little boy who lives in Pakistan who is experiencing conflict with India. The child was separated from his parents, and was alone in another country until he met someone who saved him, Salman Khan.

The movie, released in 205, attracted a lot of attention and was a huge success. The top star who was cast in this movie was Karena Kapoor. In fact, due to its success, the movie had profits above other popular movies such as 3 Idiots and Happy New year. Even so good, this movie also entered the box office.


Queen is about a Delhi girl from a conservative family who is abandoned by her fiancé a day before her wedding. Surprised by this, she decided to go on a honeymoon alone to Paris and Amsterdam. As she traveled the world and met new people, she gained new experiences and discovered her own identity.


The most popular Indian movie at the moment is Dangal released in 2016. Dangal tells the story of a former Dangal wrestler who trains his two sons to become professional Dangal athletes. This movie was able to earn 250 Million US Dollars.

Secret Superstar

Secret Superstar is an Indian movie that was released in 2017 and managed to earn 140 Million US Dollars as well as becoming one of the most popular movies with the largest profit in history. The movie is directed by Aamir Khan and tells the story of a child’s struggle to become a professional singer.

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

Indian Movies

The Indian movie Baahubali tells the story of past events in the Mahishmati kingdom where Shiva, the son of Baahubali learns about his heritage. This Indian film managed to occupy the sixth position of the most popular Indian film in Bollywood history with earnings of 43.74 million US dollars.

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Chennai Express

The movie Chennai Express, which mixes comedy and romantic drama, had a lot of viewers in its early days. The movie, which aired in 2013, did not wait long enough to immediately get a lot of profit.

The movie was successfully starred by SRK and Deepika Padukone. The movie was produced by SRK’s wife Gauri Khan. The funny and interesting storyline makes this movie even more popular. The seasoned characters who star in this film are so good at playing their roles that many viewers are hypnotized by this film.


The movie, which was released in 2016 on July 3, has a duration of about 161 minutes. The movie starring SRK turned out to be a success and had a lot of profits.

This movie is also touted as one of the most highly rated and best movies of all time. Not even a long time from its release, this movie has many viewers up to millions. The movie tells the story of a policeman dealing with a ruthless criminal.

The story turned out to be able to attract a lot of attention from movie lovers. Even this movie also received very good appreciation. Apart from SRK, many other famous actors are involved in this movie such as Farhan Akhtar.


Panga is an emotional roller coaster story about a middle-class Indian woman who is a kabaddi world champion. The movie tells the story of her triumph and her struggle to overcome stereotypes. In his life, he was conflicted between fulfilling his responsibilities to his family and his love for sports.

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