4 Things In Joseon Exorcist Here That Make Fans Curious

4 Things In Joseon Exorcist Here That Make Fans Curious

For fans of Korean dramas,Joseon Exorcist may be considered to fill the watch list this March. This drama premiered on March 22, 2021. So what are the interesting and exciting things about this Korean drama? Check out the reviews below.

Battle Against the Undead

This latest drakor combines three genres at once in a drama, namely sageuk, horror, and also fantasy. Set during the Joseon dynasty, the story begins when Lee Bang Wong defeats and repels the evil spirits that plague the Joseon Kingdom.

Since then, Lee Bang Wong ascended the throne to become a king named King Taejong and had two sons. However, his two sons, Prince Yangnyeong and Pengeran Chungnyeong, had opposite personalities.

Decades have passed, spirits that had previously been banished back to the kingdom. To expel him, King Taejong, assisted by his two sons, intervened to fight against the evil spirit.

Joseon Exorcist Starring Famous Actors And Actresses

The 1-episode drama stars Gam Woo Sung who is popular for his roles in Mr Sunshine, Park Seung Hoon and Jang Dong Yoon in the lead roles. As for the supporting cast is also no less popular, such as Jung Hye Sung, Lee Yoo Bi, Seo Young Hee, Kim Dong Joon, hingg Geum Sa Ron.

Stunning CGI And Cinematography Effects

The audience can also feel the tension felt by Lee Bang Woon and his two sons while expelling evil spirits from his kingdom. This Korean drama features cinematography and CGI effects that are no less interesting than the effects commonly used in the big-screen film industry. Horror nuances will also be more pronounced with dark shades that dominate the story of Joseon Exorcist.

Director and Screenwriter Joseon Exorcist

SBS entrusted Park Kye Ok who had previously written Mr.Queen’s script as the person behind the Joseon Exorcist story. Meanwhile, the director position will be occupied by Shin Kyung So.

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Set in the royal era, it looks like this drama is interesting to watch for fans who love classic drama but with a unique story. Then will this play be as successful as Mr. Queen’s? Considering it’s worked on by the same author.

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