5 Most Sought-After Korean Dramas In September-October 2020

Much Sought-After Korean Dramas In September-October 2020

A drama is considered a success if it manages to achieve high ratings. Not only that, other aspects of success are supported by how often the drama enters the most search categories on the internet today.

The more searches for a play, the more people talk about it. No wonder the plays are considered successful with their own characteristics.

Here are the top 5 most sought-after plays from September to the present.

18 Again

Preview Drama 18 Again

The drama, which has been running since September 21, is the most sought-after drama. Taking on the fantasy-comedy-romantic genre, drama 18 Again has aired 4 episodes and the entire episode.

This drakor tells the story of a 37-year-old man who is married, transformed into himself when he is 18 years old.

The Korean drama, which is remaked from the American film“17 Again”, is played by Yoon Sang Hyun, Kang Ha Neul, Lee Do Hyun.

Drama 18 Again gained audience attention thanks to the acting of Lee Do Hyun, who plays new figure Hong Dae Young (Yoon Sang Hyun). Lee Do Hyun’s acting is considered capable of playing a young figure, as well as being a father to his children who are in one class with him.

Do You Like Brahms?

Preview of the play Do You Like Brahms?

Airing in mid-August, the drama Do You Like Brahms?was also on the list of most sought-after dramas this month. A romantic genre, the drama tells the story of a classical music student who saves his own suffering.

The drama is played by Kim Min Jae, Park Eun Bin, Kim Sung Chul, Park Ji Hyun, Lee Yoo Jin, and Bae Da Bin. The storyline in this drama not only shows the story behind their respective lives, but also features a strange and complicated romantic relationship between the players.

The strong chemistry between Kim Min Jae and Park Eun Bin, as well as a fairly complicated storyline, managed to deliver the drama a high rating from the beginning of the match.

Stranger 2

Stranger 2 drama preview

After its success with season 1, Stranger again set a good record during the season finale. The drama is also among the most sought-after dramas, after a conflict between the prosecutor’s office and the police heats up over the mystery of prosecutor Seo Dong Jae’s disappearance.

In fact, in the drama Stranger 2,the case is still related to the case that occurred in season 1 that aired three years ago.

The drama follows a feud between the prosecutor’s office and the police agency over a misunderstanding. The prosecutor’s office wants to stop the investigation, but on the other hand the police agency wants to finish the investigation.

In this strange situation, Hwang Shi Mok and Detective Han Yeo Jin try to uncover the truth behind the case.

Missing: The Other Side

drama preview Missing: The Other Side

The mystery-thriller Korean drama Missing:The Other Side became one of the most exciting and successful dramas to intrigue audiences. The drama also continued to experience a rise in ratings per viewership.

Tells the story of a missing persons case that took place in a village mysteriously. A detective named Shin Joon Ho (Ha Joon) loses his lover just before they hold a wedding ceremony. He also meets Kim Wook (Go so), Jang Pan Seok (Heo Joon Ho) and Lee Jong Ah (Ahn So Hee) who are uncovering the truth behind the mysterious thing.

The drama, which has aired for 8 episodes, continues to attract viewers due to the unpredictable storyline and plot twist presented in the drama.

It is also Go so’s second drama of the year after appearing in the drama Money Game.

Record of Youth

Record of Youth drama preview

Being Park Bo Gum’s last play before wamil, it’s only natural that it’s become the most sought-after drama since its inemost run last September.

Not only Park Bo Gum, the drama is also played by actresses Park So Dam, and Byen Woo Seok.

The storyline in this drama is considered to be closely related to people’s lives today. That’s why many love this drama.

The figure of Sa Hye Joon (Park Bo Gum) is portrayed as a young man who pursues his ideals and has a touching family story.

Sa Hye Joon works as a model and wants to switch professions as an artist. To reach that point is not easy, he does anything. Although he often failed auditions, he did not give up. On the way to pursue her dream, she meets Ahn Jung Ha (Park So Dam) a jolly but lonely make-up artist.

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