5 Hollywood Celebrities with Fantastic Car and House Prices

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Cars, nowadays, are not only limited to transportation, but can also be used as evidence of one’s success. So it’s no wonder that Hollywood celebrities are willing to spend tens or even hundreds of billions of dollars to buy a car for the sake of their success. As well as the house, for the Hollywood celebrities below, perhaps the house is not just a shelter, but also a place where their favorite facilities are available. Here are 5 Hollywood celebrities and their proud cars and mansions.

1. Britney Spears

Being one of hollywood’s celebrity stars whose career continues to shine to this day, Britney managed to amass her fortune through her singing career to buy luxury. As recently, the Californian singer bought a white luxury car for billions of dollars.

Britney with her black Maserati.

Some time ago, the singer of the song Baby One More Time appeared in a corner of Los Angeles with his brother Bryan, and his beloved daughter, Lexie, in a white Maserati sports car of Italian products. The car was purchased for no less than 200 thousand dollars or the equivalent of 2.6 billion rupiah. The car is equipped with 2 doors with 20-inch tire wheels, leather upholstery and a black convirtible roof.

The Maserati sports car, it’s not the first time he’s bought it. In 2010, Britney also bought a black Maserati.

2. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie’s childhood home in New York, some time ago only sold for 2 million dollars or the equivalent of 27-28 billion rupiah. The house Jolie lived in with her parents and sister has facilities including four spacious bedrooms, a living room with a fireplace, a kitchen and a bathroom.

Angelina Jolie’s childhood home.

Each room in the house has a natural stone design and wooden floors. Tumah area of 2 floors has a land area of about 4000 square meters where there are also green trees that make the atmosphere of the house is very comfortable, cool and beautiful.

3. Kim Kardashian

Celebrity woman Kim Kardashian is known as a Hollywood celebrity who can not be separated from luxury goods, including cars. The wife of Kanye West has a variety of luxury cars in her garage, as not long ago, Kardashian spent $400,000 or the equivalent of $5.2 billion on a 2015 Rolls Royce Phantom.

Kim Kardashian, has a variety of luxury cars in her home garage.

In addition, Kardashian also owns two Rolls Royce Ghosts, 403 thousand dollars or equivalent to 5.1 billion rupiah, white Ferrari 458 for 274-300 thousand dollars or 3.8 billion rupiah and Bentley Continental for 165-230 thousand dollars or equivalent to 3.8 billion rupiah, black Range Rover and Mercedez-Benz G6 cars for 150 thousand dollars or equivalent to 1.9 billion rupiah.

4. Jay Z

It’s no surprise that Jay Z ranks first in Hollywood celebrities with the most expensive cars. His name and wife, Beyonce, are already well known in the international music world so it certainly allows Jay Z to easily buy a car Maybach Exelero for 8 million dollars or the equivalent of 110 billion rupiah. The car has a top speed of 218 miles per hour and takes only 4.4 seconds per kilometer.

Jay Z’s Maybach Exelero.

In addition to cars, Jay Z and Beyonce have also occupied or rented a house in the Hombly Hills area of Los Angeles for $4 million, equivalent to $604 billion. Even the monthly rent of the house reaches 150 thousand dollars or the equivalent of 2 billion rupiah.

The house, which is contracted by Blue Ivy Carter’s parents, has various facilities such as indoor and outdoor pools, spa and steam rooms, an all-brown living room, a lounge room, 5 bedrooms each with a fireplace and an en suite bathroom, and a dining room with a table that can accommodate 12 people and a back garden to relax.

5. David Beckham

Being a football star in his time, certainly made David Beckham has a wealth especially if coupled with his wife, Victoria, who is now starting to grow a business in the world of fashion, making the total wealth of the Beckham family reached 771 million dollars, or the equivalent of 11 trillion rupiah.

The Beckham family’s new home costs $111.2 billion.

A series of luxury cars also became a family collection. Beckham owns a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe for $407,000, equivalent to $5.6 billion. Even Beckham has turned his sports car into a family car. In addition, Jeep Wrangler, Lamborghini Gallardo, Audy S8, Hummer H2 and other luxury cars filled the garage of his house.

Recently, Beckham recently bought a house in the Costwolds area, after buying one of the houses in a corner of London. The house was bought for £5.4m or the equivalent of £111.2bn.

The luxurious residence is equipped with 6 bedrooms, a living room, a relaxing room with a series of bookshelves, a swimming pool, a tennis court and many more. Not only that, plantations and natural panoramas also contributed to the surroundings of the Beckham family home.

Well, that’s 5 Hollywood celebs with luxury homes and cars that complete their lives. All those luxuries are worth their hard work in Hollywood, huh?

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