6 Moments BTS Attended the UN General Assembly, Showing Off the Results of the #YouthDay Campaign

6 Moments BTS Attended the UN General Assembly, Showing Off the Results of the #YouthDay Campaign

BTS again made its fans proud of the achievements of this South Korean boyband. The seven-member group was appointed as South Korea’s representative to attend the 76th United Nations General Assembly in New York, Monday (09/20/2021).

Bts was appointed by President Moon Jae In to attend the 73rd United Nations General Assembly in 2018. The boy group was chosen as South Korea’s representative due to the many achievements given to South Korea.

In addition to being the group with the largest fans, they also managed to attract more than 800,000 tourists to contribute more than 3.6 billion USD annually from merchandise and tourism. Performing wearing formal suits, the seven members of this idol guri also delivered speeches to perform their latest songs. Curious? Check out the moments here.

With South Korean President Moon Jae In

RM et al attended the UNITED NATIONS General Assembly in New York with South Korean President Moon Jae In. On September 19, the president and bangtan boys met at South Korea’s presidential palace.

The President provides supplies and completeness such as invitations, souvenirs to diplomatic passports. This trip to the United States is the boy group’s first trip abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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BTS to address 76th U.N. General Assembly

Not only did BTS arrive, bts also delivered a speech in front of the leaders of countries attending the UN General Assembly. Alternately the seven members of Bangtan Boys expressed their opinions using the perspective of the younger generation in the face of pandemics, climate change and invited young people to participate in thinking about the world’s problems. They also delivered a speech to open the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) Moment of the Decade of Action, Monday (09/20/2021) local time.

Message About “COVID Lost Generation”

In his speech the seven idols delivered a message about “COVID Lost Generation”. Bangtan Boys’ youngest member Jungkook expressed the disappointment experienced by young people today, including his group due to the pandemic.

They say that currently young people in their 20s label themselves with “COVID Lost Generation”. In his speech, Jimin also showed photos of students who must continue learning and develop themselves in difficult times like today. However, rather than referring to it as “Lost Generation”, mere mentioned that the youth are more suitable to be called “Welcome Generation”.

Showing off the results of the #YouthDay campaign

In his speech, BTS also showed the results of BTS’s Youth Day campaign that they promoted through social media. The results of the campaign shown on the podium are a send-off of the precious moments of the people of the world.

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BTS promotes UN 2030

Its presence at the 76th United Nations General Assembly is also to promote the UN 2030 goal. The un’s goal is to preserve the earth, alleviate extreme poverty and gender equality in the world.

Lantunkan “Permission to Dance”

Another moment RM, Jin, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, V and Jungkook at the 76th UNITED NATIONS General Assembly, they sang permission to dance at the UN Headquarters. The video of them singing their new song was also posted on the United Nations YouTube account and has been viewed more than 7 million times.

Those were BTS’s moments at the UNITED NATIONS General Assembly in New York. On that occasion, the Dynamite hitmaker also conveyed the importance of vaccination. Without vaccines, they cannot meet with fans and cannot attend the UN General Assembly.

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