6 Most Popular Sad Ending Dramas of All Time

6 Drama Sad Ending

K-Drama doesn’t always present a happy story, there are some dramas that end sadly. Although draining of tears, the spectacle of sad ending also has its own appeal.

Not a few drakor fans who like sad storylines. The proof, the following sad ending drama gets a lot of attention from the audience.

Autumn in My Heart


Autumn in My Heart is a romantic television series that aired on September 18 – November 7, 2000 on KBS.

The 16-episode drama is directed by Yoon Seok Ho, and stars top artists Song Seung Heon, Song Hye Kyo, and Won Bin.

The sad story begins with Yoon Jun Suh and Choi Eun Suh’s baby being swapped while in the hospital. The incident caused the fate of the two to be swapped.

As time goes by, Jun Suh and Eun Suh meet, then learn that they were swapped as babies.

Eun Suh feels very sad because it turns out that Han Tae Seok is not her older brother. As adults, the two fell in love.

However, Eun Suh dies of leukaemia. The departure left his closest friends devastated, including Tae Seok.

Something Happened in Bali

Something Happened in Bali

Memories of Bali or better known as Something Happened in Bali aired on SBS in 2004. The drama stars Jo In Sung, So Ji Sub, Ha Ji Won, and Park Ye In.

Telling the story of a woman who works at a travel agency named Lee So Jung, she tries her luck by moving to Bali.

On the other hand, a plaboy conglomerate named Jung Jae Min is engaged to Choi Young Joo, the woman his parents chose.

As it turns out, Choi Young Joo still anticipates his former love, In Wook who was living in Jakarta at the time.

Choi Young Joo secretly catches up with In Wook and takes him to Bali. However, the plan was discovered by his fiancée.

Jung Jae Min catches up with Choi Young Joo, where he hires Lee so Jung.

Although at the beginning of many funny events that occur between characters, but the drama ends with Lee so Jung being killed by jealousy.

I’m Sorry, I Love You

I'm Sorry, I Love You

The tragic ending drama follows Mo Hyuk, an orphan who lives with his adoptive parents in Australia. Arriving in the country, he chose to leave his new family and grow up as a street child.

Mo Hyuk steals and cheats to survive. Long story short, he had a gunshot to the head.

The bullet cannot be removed entirely, doctors say Mo Hyuk can only survive less than a year.

When he returned to South Korea, he found out his birth mother was still alive. He wanted revenge because the heartache had been agreed upon.

However, the plan did not go smoothly. Mo Hyuk falls in love with Son Eun Chae, the woman he met in Australia.

Mo Hyuk dies while riding a motorcycle, he once mentioned Eun Chae’s name and said “Sorry, I love you”.

One year later, Eun Chae travels to Autralia to commemorate her dead lover. Finally, he visits Mo Hyuk’s meal, where he drinks poison.

i’m Sorry I Love premiered on November 8 – December 28, 2004 on KBS. The drama stars So Ji Sub and Im so Jung.

Korean Drama‘Sad Love Song’

Sad Love Song

Telling the story of Suh Joon Young, a man with a dark background, his parents are a prostitution syndicate. He is powered to part with his beloved, Park Hae In.

Joon Young decides to change his identity to Choi Joon Kyu, he begins to develop his talents to become a famous composer.

While in America, Hae In receives a letter from Cha Hwa Jung saying Joon Young is gone.

This is what makes Hae In finally accept the love of Lee Gun Woo, Joon Young’s close friend.

Once upon a time, they were united by destiny. Joon Kyu as composer, working with singer Hae In and producer Gun Woo.

At the end of the story, Hae In is abandoned by Joon Kyu who is shot while protecting his sahabt.

Sad Love Song stars Kwon Sang Woo, Kim Hee Sun, and Yeon Jung Hoon. It aired on MBC from January 5 to March 17, 2005.

Uncontrollably Fond

Uncontrollably Fond Korean Drama
Uncontrollably Fond

The drama, starring Kim Woo Bun and Bae Suzy, aired on July 16, 2016 on KBS2.

Uncontrollably Fond tells the story of an actor named Shin Joon Young, who is convicted of having a tumor and can only survive for three months.

On the other hand, Noh Eul reunites with Joon Young after his father becomes the victim of a hit-and-run.

Allegedly, No Eul’s father was run over by the party leader’s daughter Jung Eun.

While Jung Eun uses the help of prosecutor Choi Hyun Joon, Joon Young’s father.

This makes Noh Eul hate Joon Young and his father, and then he plots revenge by damaging the actor’s reputation.

However, his plan is thwarted by Joon Young.

Soon they meet again, Joon Young, whose life is soon trying to make Noh Eul happy.

Korean Drama‘Time’


Tells about a rude and misbehaving conglomerate named Cheon Su Ho. Once, he fell unconscious and woke up in the hospital.

After the examination, the doctor sentenced Su Ho’s life soon. That fact has left him devastated, and the bad news is becoming more and more so.

At the same time, Su Ho is involved in a legal case. As a conglomerate with a lot of money, he hired prosecutors and police to clear his name.

In the ghost of guilt towards himself, Su Ho tries to improve his life by helping the woman whose life he has destroyed.

The woman is none other than Seol Ji Hyun, the two working together to uncover the truth.

It first aired on July 25, 2018 on MBC. It stars a string of popular artists, such as Kim Jung Hyun, SeoHyun, Kim Jun Han, and Hwang Seung Eon.

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