7 Funniest Running Man Members, the Episodes Always Make You Laugh

Running Man

Running Man’s cast always manages to grab attention. Through the hilarious behavior, and the silliness of the players. This cuteness makes Running man so popular with many people. Having been on air since 2010, Running Man has managed to become the most enduring Korean variety show that has survived until now.

Not only popular with Koreans, Running Man has managed to steal the hearts of many, gaining international popularity. This event presents a variety of unique and exciting games that are quite difficult to solve.

Frequently experiencing cast changes, Running Man now has a total of 7 funniest members. Who are the Running Man players who made this entertainment program a huge success that attracted various countries?

Running Man’s funniest members, which one is your favorite?

1. Yoo Jae Suk

Running Man

First, there’s Running Man’s Yoo Jae Suk. You could say, Jae Suk is one of the centers in this one event. Acting as the main MC as well as a performer, he has several nicknames in this show.

Among them are ‘Grasshopper’, and ‘Yooruce Willis’. Interestingly, the term ‘Yooruce Willis’ is a parody of Bruce Wilis. This is because Jae Suk is a member who is good at running away during missions in Running Man. Yoo Jae Suk is also the member with the most fans. His hilarious stunts, and his ‘friendly’ attitude towards the guest stars have endeared him to many.

One of Yoo Jae Suk’s funniest episodes was in episode 216. Yes, this is one of the longest episodes of RUNNING MAN, but it was able to entertain KLovers.

In this episode, the entire cast of RUNNING MAN acted as superhumans. Some have become Superman to Avatar. Of course, they have to wear costumes during their missions. And made this episode funny and hilarious.

2. Ha Ha

Running Man

The next Running Man player who is no less hilarious, and entertaining is Haha. The man whose real name is Ha Dong Hoon is known as a spy expert in Running Man.

Haha is also one of the most chosen members to do group missions. He is also often referred to as Haroro, due to his round, Pororo-like face.

In Running Man, he is known as the playboy member, as he always confesses his love to every female guest star present. However, this kind of attitude actually makes many people entertained, and like him.

The funniest Haha episode is when you do a laughter resistance competition? Yes, in episode 406, the participants had to compete to hold back their laughter.

Made into two groups, the first group had to be silly to make their co-stars laugh. And the second group had to hold back their laughter for as long as possible in order to win the race. And this will be done on a rotating basis.

3. Song Ji Hyo

Running Man

Next, there’s Song Ji Hyo who was originally the only female member of Running Man. Initially, Ji Hyo only came as a guest star for a few times until she officially became a permanent member of Running Man.

Although she is a woman, her strength cannot be underestimated. Because of this, she is often likened to the female version of Jong Kook. They are often partners or teammates in carrying out missions. Being one of the strongest and most adorable members, she earned the nickname ‘Ace Ji Hyo’ for her game-winning skills.

In the 576th episode, the Ace proved to be not only lucky but also intelligent. Previously, Song Ji Hyo amazed everyone by correctly guessing 7 styrofoam mats in a row that could be stepped on. The mattresses form a bridge like the one in the popular drama “Squid Game”.

Now, Song Ji Hyo is making a comeback as a member and guest star of “Running Man” because of her intelligence. The latest episode trailer shows the beautiful actress competing against MC Minzy (Jung Joon Ha) in a general knowledge quiz.

4. Jeon So Min

Running Man

Next, there is So Min who joined since episode 346 of Running Man. At first, So Min was also just a guest star for a few episodes, until she became a permanent member.

So Min’s presence makes her the second female member after Ji Hyo. Unlike Ji Hyo, she is one of the weakest players. So Min also often acts coquettishly towards each of the male guest stars. However, he was known as a member who often betrayed the mission.

5. Ji Suk Jin

Running Man

Next, there is Ji Suk Jin, who is the oldest member of Running Man. He is the weakest member that many people avoid doing missions for. This is because in almost every episode, Suk Jin is the first to be eliminated.

The most senior member also often acts silly, and feuds with Kim Jong Kook. Being the two oldest along with Jae Suk, he often feels jealous of Jae Suk’s closeness with other members.

The most memorable episodes for Ji Suk Jin were episodes 544 and 545, Running Man organized a special episode to celebrate Ji Seok Jin’s birthday. In this episode, it is told that the Running Man members live in a village chaired by Ji Seok Jin. Each of them also brought unique gifts for the elders.

Ji Seok Jin, the main star, was given the opportunity to choose his own team members and together they tried to find the gold. Meanwhile, non-selected members will compete individually for gold.

6. Kim Jong Kook

Running Man

Well, if Suk Jin is the weakest player, Jong Kook is the opposite. Having a large, athletic body, Kim Jong Kook is the strongest member of Running Man who is almost invincible.

He is known as ‘Sparta’ from the movie 300. Jong Kook became a featured player who was able to defeat several members at once. However, Jong Kook is very weak towards women.

Kim Jong Kook’s special episode was episode 610. For the first time, the Running Man members came to Kim Jong Kook’s house to hold a housewarming party.

They play a variety of simple, yet fun missions here. For every mission they successfully complete, the staff will give them a $500 coupon as a reward. Kim Jong Kook as the host will get half of the total prize. Meanwhile, they will donate the rest to charity.

7. Yang Se Chan

Running Man

Lastly, there’s Yang Se Chan. Just like So Min, she also officially joined as a permanent member in episode 346. Being a comedian by profession, it’s no wonder that he often acts hilarious while on Running Man. While carrying out missions, Se Chan also often acts manipulatively, and betrays. That made the members distrust him.

Which one of them is your favorite? Or do you have your own heroes?

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