8 killed in travis scott concert chaos

8 killed in travis scott concert chaos

The shocking news happened at the Travis Scott Concert held on Friday in Houston, Texas. The tragic incident also attracted the attention of locals and even abroad. As a result of the riot, the event held in an open space and attended by 50 thousand spectators was forced to be disbanded.

The horror incident was described by Harris County county judge Lina Hidalgo. “It was a very tragic night, our hearts are broken.” According to Samuel Pena, Houston Fire Chief, the deaths of the eight spectators occurred at about 21:15 on Friday (0151 GMT).

“The crowd started to solidify towards the front of the stage and people started to panic,” he told the BBC.

Samuel continued, the spectators seemed to run and crammed to cause many people to suffer injuries. As Samuel said, from the video that circulated it was seen many people fell and crammed. According to the Houston Chronicle, Travis Scott’s concert was stopped for 75 minutes as the audience began to look irregular.

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Emergency cars broke into the crowd after Travis called for help from security. That’s when organizers stopped the concert when many spectators were injured. As a result of this incident, at least 11 people had heart attacks and 8 people died. Tragically some of the victims in the incident were 10-year-olds. As many as 300 people were treated for injuries.

It is not yet known the exact cause of the incident as authorities are still investigating, including security and safety at the arena. Two weeks ago, another organizer canceled a Houston music concert at the venue after fans tried to break through a fence during Playboi Carti. But Houston police asked to stop speculation before the cause of the tragedy was known with certainty.

“I think it’s very important that none of us here speculate. No one has an answer tonight,” Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said at a news conference about the incident at a Travis Scott concert.

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