A Series of K-Pop Idols Plagued by Bullying Rumors

Not long ago, South Korea’s entertainment industry was plagued by bullying allegations against K-Pop idols. They allegedly abused a schoolmate.

Some deny the allegations, some even filed lawsuits.

This is a series of names of K-Pop idols who are being hit by bullying issues.

Soojin (G)I-DLE

Soojin (G)I-DLE

Someone claiming to be the victim’s brother reveals that his sister was the victim of a bully. He recounted the incident through an online community on February 20, 2021.

Based on the confession uploaded from the online commissary, Soojin deliberately calls the victim to the school bathroom, then the two fight and slap each other.

Soojin deliberately sends a message to everyone at the school containing the allegations, the victim accidentally slapped his friend.

Not only that, members of the girl group (G)I-DLE are also accused of frequenting out with older men, smoking while riding motorcycles, robbing money, and stealing uniforms.

CUBE Entertainment has denied allegations that its artists have been bullying.

Soojin personally opens up about his case. He claimed to have smoked, but denied allegations of bullying, riding a motorcycle, robbing money and stealing.



Warganet who hid his real name claimed to have been an elementary and junior high school with Mingyu. He revealed that seniors at the school made themselves targets of bullying.

Seniors at the school often robbed him of money and berated him. When treated like that, Mingyu and other friends laughed at him.

Pledis Entertainment denied the allegations directed at Mingyu. These bullying allegations are considered unfounded, and it is not yet known the motive behind the claims from the anonymous netizens.

Shortly thereafter, posts uploaded about abuse by SEVENTEN members were deleted. On the same day, Mingyu’s schoolmates defended him.

Hyunjin Stray Kids

Hyunjin Stray Kids

Again, the netizens, who did not give his name, accused Hyunjin. It is said that the idol attacked and bullied him through a class group chat.

Hyunjin is accused of saying sensitive things that led to family humiliation. However, this anonymous netizen was unable to detail the claims of abuse.

Hyunjin’s former classmate appears, denying allegations that Hyunjin committed abuse. According to him, stray kids members have a harmonious relationship with friends at school.

JYP Entertainment denied the allegations on February 23, 2021. The agency also said it would take legal action.



A man claiming to be Sunwoo’s schoolmate has revealed that he was the victim of abuse. He said the BOYZ member was violent, sexually harassed and smoked.

The victim also posted a graduation photo as proof that she and Sunwoo knew each other.

Cre.Ker Entertainment released an official statement regarding the rumors, the agency also stated that the allegations were entirely false.

They will conduct an investigation, then the case will be handled firmly. This is because Sunwoo is libelous with personal attacks, such as malicious comments on social media.



A friend claims that Chuu and one other girl bullied classmates.

The spreader claimed to have been included in a group chat, then he got a scolding there. Once they blocked the way when going home from school. Not only that, Chuu is also accused of stealing stationery.

Blockberry Creative, the agency that oversees Chuu, denies the allegations, and is acting through legal channels.

The agency also stated that the site will not be simply ignored. They will do whatever it takes to protect the rights and interests of the artist.

Soyeon (G)I-IDLE

Soyeon (G)I-IDLE

Not only Soojin, Soyeon’s name is also dragged into rumors of abuse. Warganet, who also claims to be a former schoolmate, reveals that he was the victim of a bully.

Soyeon’s bullying at school made her think about moving.

The victim also recounted Soyeon taking money with an alibi that was her birthday. So, he had to treat everyone at school.

To date, Cube Entertainment has not responded to the issue that dragged Soyeon’s name.



Kihyun’s former schoolmate claimed that he was one of the victims of abuse. He called the MONSTA-X member a bully with a bad reputation.

Kihyun often called bully targets and considered them like losers. The victim continued to be bullied and beaten.

He also said that his money was taken and had to buy cigarettes. Not only that, a female friend also cried because she was hit by Kihyun.

The victim also included evidence in the form of photos, he also claimed to have been traumatized by the bully experienced.

As such, Starship Entertainment is trying to re-verify the allegations. In fact, rumors of abuse by Kihyun were confirmed false in 2015.

Aisha Everglow

Aisha Everglow

A person claiming to be the victim revealed that the idol with the initials A harassed the schoolgirl consistently.

The allegations turned out to lead to Aisha, the victim told the idol began to dare since having a date.

The accuser once uploaded a yearbook photo as evidence. However, it wasn’t long before he deleted the post.

Yueha Entertainment made an official statement denying the claim. After confirming with Aisha directly, the allegations are not true at all.

The agency also warned that if these rumors continue, they will take legal action to protect the artist.

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