Actors and Actresses Who Successfully Comeback Korean Drama in 2020 After Long Hiatus

kim bum Actor and Actress's Successful Korean Drama Comeback

A number of celebrities have various reasons for hiatus, ranging from health conditions, undergoing conscription, personal problems, or others. The decision vacuum of the entertainment industry in an un specified time, making many fans wait in uncertainty.

The wait for K-Drama lovers is sweet, because this year a series of actors and actresses resumed activities. Here are the top artists who took part in the drama project after a long hiatus.

1. Kim Tae Hee

kim tae hee, lee min ho
Kim Tae Hee

K-Drama fans must be familiar with Kim Tae Hee. The artist has been on hiatus since 2015. The last drama he starred in was titled Yong Pal. Some time after disappearing from the rich screen, she briefly surprised fans with the news of the wedding.

In 2017, Kim Tae Hee was officially married to actor and singer Rain. After a five-year hiatus, the mother-of-two is finally ready to return to the entertainment world to greet her fans. He collaborated with television station tvN on a drama project.

Hi Bye Mama became the first drama starring Kim Tae Hee after a hiatus. Although he has not appeared on the screen for a long time, his acting skills remain outstanding. It proved that many netters gave postive criticism of her role as a mother in the series.

Previously, Kim Tae Hee has successfully starred in several popular dramas such as Stairway to Heaven, Forbidden Love, Iris, and My Princess.

2. Lee Min Ho

kim tae hee, lee min ho
Lee Min Ho

He is one of the most popular actors by women. Not only in South Korea, the name is popular in some countries. The hiatus decision from the entertainment world certainly makes K-Drama lovers miss his figure. Fans are eagerly awaiting his return from two years of military service.

Actually, Lee Min Ho ended his conscription in April 2019. However, he is in no hurry to return to the screen. This handsome actor admitted, it takes a lot of time to determine which project to take after a long vacuum. He also stated that he thinks about his future career very carefully.

Eventually, he decided to work together to star in The: King Eternal Monarch. The drama starring Kim Go Eun has a high rating. K-Drama lovers are amazed by the acting andmistri formed by the lead actor.

As in the drama that raised his name, Lee Min Ho never fails in acting. Until now, Gu Jun Pyo and Kim Tan’s character must still be in the hearts of fans.

3. Kim so Hyun

kim tae hee, lee min ho
Kim so Hyun

Not much different from Lee Min Ho, Kim so Hyun is on hiatus due to state defense obligations. Both actors were conscripted in the same year. Therefore, the last three years have been the toughest time for K-Drama fans. Because, their favorite artist vacuum from the glass screen run for a long time.

Before serving in the military, Kim So Hyun was no longer active in the huburan industry. Finally, he participated in the drama Producer which aired in 2015. Before re-entering the drama project, the handsome actor had shocked fans by appearing as a cameo in the series Hotel Del Luna and Crash Landing on You.

Until finally, early 2020 he was confirmed to be working with tvN television station. The drama psycho but it’s okay is a whole drama that Kim So Hyun is seeing as a sign of comback after a five-year hiatus. The return of this actor certainly did not disappoint the audience.

4. Kim Bum

kim tae hee, lee min ho
Kim Bum

Long time no adorning the glass screen, finally Kim Bum treats longing fans through Tale of Nine Tailed. According to her confession, she felt nervous acting in front of the camera after a five-year hiatus. The actor, who is popular through the drama Boys over Flowers, is fighting back against that.

Playing the antagonistic half-gumiho character was the first experience for Kim Bum. Nevertheless, his acting was constantly praised by both the production crew and the audience. His talent is increasingly recognized for perfectly portraying a wide variety of characters.

Indeed playing an ambiguous antagonist is a tough task for Kim Bum. He must play the role of the bad guy but must still try to get love from the audience. It is also what makes him more eager to express himself.

The best dramas starring Kim Bum include Dream, The Women Who Still Want to Marry, Padam Padam, Goddes of Fire, That Winter The Wind Blows, Hidden Identity, and Mrs. Cop 2.

5. Eugene

kim tae hee, lee min ho

SES girl group leaders formed by SM Entertainment are no strangers to a member named Eugene. This young mother is growing in popularity after debuting as an actress. However, since 2015, she has decided to go on hiatus in both music and acting. She last appeared in all about my mom and participated in Superman Return.

In 2020, he was named in the celebrity ranks that began his comeback after a long hiatus. The wife of actor Ki Tae Young stars in a family drama called Penthouse. In the drama, she plays an ambitious mother.

As with other celebrities, the woman whose real name is Kim Yoo Jin feels a mixed emotional moment while in front of the camera. In addition, he feels nervous because this character has never been played before. However, his work paid off, the producer of the drama Penthouse gave exorbitant praise to him.

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