Actor Ji so Admits Cases Involving Him In The Past, Here’s The Chronology

Actor Ji so Admits To Cases Involving Him In The Past

Since mid-February, the South Korean entertainment world has been horrified by rumors of bullying by a number of idols and actors, one of whom is a young actor named Ji so. The actor, who starred in the drama River Where the Moon Rises, is in the midst of a conversation after rumours surfaced of bullying and sexual harassment he committed during school.

The rumor was apparently justified by Ji so himself. Despite his apology, the case turned out to have an impact on his career. The actor, born in 1993, was kicked out of river where the moon rises, and even all the dramas starring Ji so have been removed. How is the chronology of the case that befell Ji so ranging from rumors, confessions to being excluded from the latest drama starring him? Let’s take a peek at the reviews below.

Chronology of the case involving Ji so

The beginning of the rumors appeared

This rumor first appeared on Tuesday (2/3/2021) through an upload of someone claiming to be Ji so’s classmate at Seorabeol Junior High School between 2006 and 2008. He called the actor, whose full name is Kim Ji so, a mischievous and bullying student. Ji so’s delinquency is done together with his group and has become a daily habit.

In addition, there is also someone claiming to be Ji so’s former schoolmate alleging that Ji so has been sexually abused. The person even reveals that Ji so recorded herself having sex with a schoolgirl in the bathroom and shared the video. Then Ji so also once forced a male student to satisfy himself.

KeyEast Entertainment’s response, as an agency

On Wednesday (3/3/2102), KeyEast Entertainment as the agency that oversees Ji so confirmed that it will conduct further investigations to find the truth regarding the controversy involving the artist. The agency is asking anyone with information related to this news to then combine all the information obtained.

The agency will also conduct a detailed investigation with a way to verify the facts and resolve the issue. Not only that, they also expect whoever it is to refrain from spreading rumors that have not been confirmed the truth.

Ji so’s confession and apology for actions he has taken in the past

actor ji so
Photo of ji so’s confession and apology

One day after KeyEast Entertaiment responded to the case involving Ji so, on Thursday (3/4/2021), Ji so uploaded a letter of apology on his personal Instagram account.

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In the letter, the squint-eyed actor indirectly admits that the rumors are true of his past bullying and writes his apology in a letter.

Ji so also reveals that she has been covering up all her past since she started acting.

“Deep down in my heart, I feel very guilty and sorry. That regret will not go away and continues to haunt me. I was depressed about my dark past. I would like to sincerely apologize to those I have hurt. Seeing me act would certainly hurt you. I will not be compreh sorry for the actions I have taken in the past because it is inequitable. I will reflect and repent” said Ji so

Released from river drama Where the Moon Rises

Ji so was kicked out of river drama Where the Moon Rises
Photo Ji so in the drama River Where the Moon Rises

In the aftermath of the case, Ji so was officially expelled from the drama River Where the Moon Rises where Ji so played the lead role in the drama. This was immediately announced by KBS as the television station that aired the drama River Where the Moon Rises.

Previously, the production had delayed filming with Ji so in the drama River Where the Moon Rises. Until finally on Friday (3/5/2021), a spokesperson from KBS explained to StarNews that it had decided to remove Ji so from the drama. This decision was issued after a long series of discussions.

Currently, KBS productions are still looking for a replacement actor and are thinking about ji so’s scene pieces in river drama Where the Moon Rises whether to air or not. Meanwhile, the drama’s screenplay has finished 18 episodes while Ji so has completed 95% of its share. Reportedly, Ji so’s replacement is actor Nai In Woo.

Not only removed from the drama, all dramas starring Ji so will reportedly be removed.

Now that’s a review of the chronology of the case involving Ji so to the impact on his career. What Ji so has done in the past is outrageous. It’s even possible that his previous victims are still traumatized today. Hopefully the case against Ji so is resolved quickly and Ji so’s career will return to its original state. Let’s hope so.

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