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Kim So Hyun and Agent Jun Hyun's Contract Begins

Actress Kim So Hyun, a Korean celebrity and drama performer who has been in the world of acting since childhood and now her name is on the rise. A Kim So Hyun has managed to attract the attention of many fans and fans through her stunning acting. Not a few already know this celebrity, especially for people who love Korean drama.

Nowadays, many activities related to the world of entertainment are being carried out. Starting this new year, actress Kim So Hyun also released many works that have started from the beginning of 2021. All of that is done, solely so that his name still exists in this world of entertainment.

The actress, now 21, has chosen to move agencies because of something. The very young drama player was very quick to make decisions, ranging from deciding to leave the old agency to move to a new agency to holding a partnership.

Actress Kim So Hyun’s New Agency

actress kim so hyun
Actress Kim So Hyun’s New Agency

Earlier in 2021, actress Kim So Hyun started with news that might not be good enough. Because, mid-January was the day Kim So Hyun left her old agency E&T Story Entertainment.

Immediately, he immediately applied personally to move to Jun Ji Hyun and Seo Ji Hye’s new agency Culture Depot. The agency is a subsidiary of Studio Dragon. It also became the production company Jun Ji Hyun and Seo Ji Hye were in.

In fact, the company is also very famous for producing two popular dramas, Crash Landing on You and Legend of Blue Sea. According to actress Kim So Hyun, she will feel much better in terms of her career with this new agency. Without thinking, Kim So Hyun moved out of her old agency. Has high hopes of running his new projects with his current agency.

Several new dramas will be released already starting to be seen, which will work with the new agency. In fact, he promised his fans to stick around until he improved his career by working for this new agency. Because Kim So Hyun believes that through this new agency she can be more successful.

Actress Kim So Hyun’s Exclusive Contract

Actress Kim So Hyun's Exclusive Contract
Actress Kim So Hyun’s Exclusive Contract

This time, actress Kim So Hyun is on an exclusive contract. The contract is the result of his cooperation with his new agency. Recently, Kim So Hyun has signed a contract for the partnership. Thus, together with the signing of this contract Kim So Hyun has officially cooperated with this agency.

Currently, Kim So Hyun’s latest project that will air is her first historical drama titled River Where The Moon Rises. He will star opposite handsome actor Jisoo in February. Actress Kim So Hyun did her best. According to him, working together through exclusive contracts with his new agency is quite proud and producing.

Not only that, Kim So Hyun is also preparing for her latest debut titled ‘Love Alarm’ season two. That’s what Kim So Hyun will do in the future, for a while now. He will not disappoint the fans, with the news of his agency’s move.

Evident from his two latest works to be released, proving that Kim So Hyun is not affected by any conditions that could hinder his career. Therefore, he dared to make this big decision for the sake of greater career success and he will achieve with this new agency.

Career Journey of Talented Young Actress

Career Journey of Talented Young Actress
Career Journey of Talented Young Actress

For today’s popular actor,Kim So Hyun feels like he’s close to reaching his true career. Moreover, she is classified as a talented young actress. She has made her entertainment debut since becoming a child actress when she was 7 years old. Actress Kim So Hyun is popular since 2012. Some of the roles played by her are quite touching, ranging from the antagonist role to the role of a girl in a tragedy.

Kim So Hyun is known as the most popular antagonist in Korean dramas. He has achieved that predicate since his first successful career playing the antagonist roles.

Kim So Hyun achieved her biggest acting success in 2012. That year he played the drama The Moon that Embraces The Sun. Thus, actress Kim So Hyun continued to accompany the success in acting with subsequent success. Among other things, through his dual role as the lead in ‘Who are You: School’ in 2015 and won three awards at once.

Kim So Hyun really enjoys her career journey step by step. Now he can be proud of the results he got and achieved well.

It doesn’t feel like Kim So Hyun has worked in acting for 10 years. In fact, until now his achievements have never been reduced. Instead, he will continue to improve with various exclusive works, which will keep all his fans will not leave him.

Surviving in the world of entertainment that in the meantime must have a surefire strategy, because aka the tone continues a new generation that replaces. Kim So Hyun’s move from one agency to another is more prestigious. This is one of his strategies to keep it in existence.

riRemembering the latest agency today has more potential to succeed and progress. because the agency has also brought many big names with works of besanya as well.

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