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Being a star and being admired by many is not an easy task, from the pursuit of korean news media artists and actors and actresses have to go through many obstacles to be able to debut in the entertainment industry. Not only that, celebrities must be able to survive in the midst of intense competition. Nevertheless, it turns out that there are some Korean artists who made their debuts since childhood.

Surely these Korean artists have extraordinary talents because they are able to maintain the quality of acting until now and do not escape the news coverage. Here, actors and actresses who are increasingly famous and proud of the South Korean entertainment industry.

1. Lee Se Young – Korean Artist

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Korean Artist – Lee Se Young

Lee Se Young was born on December 20, 1992 in Seoul, South Korea. The 27-year-old made her debut when she was 5 years old. The first drama he starred in was The Brother’s River. Since childhood he has had an interest in acting. This was supported by the mother.

Despite being active in the entertainment world, Lee Se Young did not leave his school. After graduating from Suhmoon Girls High School, she went on to study at Women’s University majoring in Media Communications.

Popular Korean dramas starring Lee Se Young include Hit the Top, A Korean Odyssey, The Crowned Clown, Doctor John, Memorist, and many more. He also appeared in horror stories II, Hot Young Boods, and Duck Town.

2. Nam Ji Hyun – South Korean Artist

Korean artists, berita artis korea
Korean artist Nam Ji Hyun

The popular beautiful actress also did not escape the news of Korean artists at home and abroad, in recent years it turned out to make her debut since childhood. She first demonstrated her acting skills in the drama Say You Love Me. He was 9 years old when he became a Korean artist, and only made a cameo appearance.

Earlier this year, on February 18, 2020, he completed his studies. The 24-year-old holds a bachelor’s degree from Sogang University. Not only has a beautiful face and good acting, this Korean artist also excels in the academic field.

Often appearing as a supporting actor, Nam Ji Hyun gets the lead role after adulthood. Korean dramas starring him include Shopping King Louie, Suspicios Partner, and 100 Days My Prince.

3. Moon Ga Young

Korean artists, berita artis korea
Korean Artist Moon Ga Young

Moon Ga Young was born on July 10, 1996 in Karlsruhe, Germany. Although born abroad, he is a South Korean national. When she was 10 years old, she returned to her parents’ country to start a career as an actress.

The German-speaking actress attended Pugmon Girl’s High School. He is also listed as an alumnus of Sungkyunkwan University.

Moon Ga Young debuted as a child actress in 2006, the first drama she published titled Fallen Angel, Jenny. She also participated in The Great Seducer, Welcome to Waikiki 2, and Find in Your Memory, and True Beauty.

4. Yoo Seung Ho

Korean artists, berita artis korea
Korean artist Yoo Seung Ho

K-Drama fans are no strangers to handsome actor Yoo Seung Ho. Starting his career since childhood, his acting skills are consistent until now. The handsome actor entered the cast at the age of 20, after which he produced dozens of popular works, both drama and film.

Yoo Seung Ho appeared in several dramas including I Miss You, Imaginary Cat, Remember: War of Son, The Emperor: Owner of the Mask, I’m Not a Robot, My Strange Hero, Memorist, and many more.

During his career in entertainment, the 27-year-old won prestigious awards such as Young Artist Awards 2002: Best Young Performer in International Film, KBS Drama Awards 2005: Best Young Actor, 1st Korea Movie Star Awards 2007: Best Young Actor, SBS Drama Awards 2007: Best Young Actor, and others.

5. Kim So Hyun

Korean artists, berita artis korea
Popular Korean Artist Kim So Hyun

Before officially debuting, Kim So Hyun often appeared as a cameo since he was 6 years old. He appeared in the television series Drama City and Que Sera Sera. At that time, the character was not easy to remember by the audience because he only got a short role.

The actress, who was born on June 4, 1999, officially debuted through the drama Home Town of Legends. Since 2010, he has been active in several films such as Man of Vandeta, Sin of a Family, Spy Papa, I am the King, Killer Toon, and Pure Love. However, his role has not received such a large reception.

His popularity has been growing since starring in the drama The Moon that Embraces the Sun. Not Infrequently the news media always cover it, Next he successfully starred in Who Are You: School 2015, Let’s Fight Ghost, Radio Romance, Lest The Tale of Nokdu, and Love Alarm.

6. Kim Yoo Jung

Korean artists, berita artis korea
Korean artist Kim Yoo Jung

Born on September 22, 1999, this beautiful actress grew up in an art-loving family. It is known that his older brother also debuted as a Korean artist, while his eldest brother is a Youtuber as well as a singer. Besides having acting talent, Kim Yoo Jung has painting skills.

She is known as a prolific Korean artist, since her debut this beautiful girl actively modeled and starred in several dramas. His name is increasingly soaring in the South Korean entertainment industry.

No longer a cameo and a cast member, Kim Yo Jung began playing fisrt leads such as in the dramas Love in the Moonlight, Clean with Passion for Now, and And Backstreet Rookie.

7. Lee Hyun Woo – Korean Artist

Korean artists, berita artis korea
Korean artist Lee Hyun Woo

Lee Hyun Woo is known as an actor and singer, he completed his military service on October 19, 2019. Long out of the screen, the 27-year-old looks set to return to the entertainment industry soon.

Lee Hyun Woo’s career as a Korean artist has started since he was a child. He participated in many plays including Master of Study, Moorim School, and The Liar and His Lover. In addition, she also appeared in several films such as Hwang Jin Yi, Glove, Northen Limit Line, The Beauty Inside, and many more.

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