In 2022, BTS fans will be celebrating Jin birthday in a variety of ways.

Jin birthday

Jin Birthday – He was born on December 4, 1992. His Korean age will be 31, while his international age will be 30. This makes the artist a Sagittarius, the only member of BTS who is under that sign.

In 2022, how ARMYs celebrate Jin birthday

There are several birthday initiatives in the works for Worldwide Handsome Jin, since this will be one of his last birthdays to be celebrated with the other BTS members and ARMYs.

ARMYs announced streaming targets for the vocalist’s own content on this particularly significant Jin Day. This includes more than 165 million Spotify plays for “Moon,” as well as more than 216 million Spotify plays for “Epiphany.”

Goals have also been set for views of Jin videos on YouTube and for music on other sites like Soundcloud. By Nov. 27, certain objectives had already been accomplished, and ARMYs had even made a Spotify playlist especially for the event.

Jin birthday was commemorated by billboards in significant cities all around the world, just like the birthdays of the other BTS members. One was even placed in front of his house in Korea by ARMYs in the hopes that he will see the message.

Several charitable initiatives with a Jin theme have been in the works for months. Last year, in honor of Jin’s birthday, ARMYs raised funds and organized a restoration project for the Don Bosco Makati dormitories that benefited young migrants. More than 200 people showed up for the official ribbon-cutting in November 2022.

Artists on Twitter made headers tailored specifically for this artist. Others collected cash for an alpaca farm in homage to Jin BT21 persona RJ.

In December 2022, Jin will enlist in the South Korean military.

A few ARMY members personally observed Jin birthday the previous year. This was made possible by the Permission to Dance on Stage performances, where some fans even made ARMY bomb covers in the shape of the moon in homage to Jin solo song “Moon.”

In 2021, Jin released “Super Tuna,” replete with dancing, as a birthday present for ARMYs. A few months later, the musician performed “The Astronaut” live at a Coldplay event for the first time.

Since it has been determined that Jin will start his mandatory military service on December 13, 2022, this year has a gloomy undertone. That implies that he won’t be present for V’s birthday on December 30 and that it will probably be a while before ARMYs see him again.

According to Indian Express, Jin said in a statement that was translated, “There’s the news that I didn’t want to see, but ARMY cannot come to the boot camp because it could be dangerous and it would be packed.” “I adore you, Army.”

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