Read BTS Member Characters Behind The Mic Color Used

Read BTS Member Characters Based on MICrofon Colors

Bts members characters can be known from the color of the mic used. Everyone has different attitudes and personalities and it is not the same. This can certainly be justified because in fact humans have different characteristic traits. There are many ways to know a person’s character, one of which is to pay attention to one’s habits.

Indeed, paying attention to one’s habit of knowing the person’s character is less polite to do. But this is the most powerful way to use it. This is because the habit that a person inflicts is done unconsciously and spontaneously so that there is no pretense in it.

Not only do ordinary people have diverse and unique characters though, even artists even singers also have some unique characters that can be noticed from the habits they often do. One of the singer characters that we can be wary of is a famous boy band from south Korea ginseng named Bangtan Boys (BTS).

BTS became a boy band that is increasingly digandrungi nowadays, both among young men and older people, the perfection of their appearance is able to bewitch the audience and attract attention. No wonder BTS belongs to the boy band with the highest number of searches in social media such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Google.

Many people are curious about the original character of bts members, of course this is not easy to know because BTS looks perfect in all fields both singing, dancing and visually their appearance. However, there is something unique that we can learn from the habits of the members that is the mic they use when singing.

BTS members have different mic colors in terms of their use, believing the mic they use represents their personal character. Who and what color is that? Let’s take a look together for an explanation.

Read BTS Characters Based on Their Mic Colors
BTS Members Characters Based on MIC Colors

BTS Members Mic Colors

  • Kim Seok Jin (Pink)

The oldest member of bts chose pink as his mic color, although pink is better known as a feminine color but this is very much in keeping with the karaker and personality that Jin has shown all along. Pink is believed to have a meek meaning, able to dampen anger, have a high compassion, care deeply about others and optimistic and much more.

Jin is a member who has a high sense of care. He is also often the mediator between the fights of the members, in Group Jin is one of the members who is good at cooking. This he used to show his form of care to members by serving dishes as their food menu.

  • Min Yoon Gi (Black)

Suga is a BTS member who chooses black as his mic color, impressing regularly when compared to other members who choose mic with a color that tends to be bright. Suga retains black as the color of his mic. Black is believed to be a picture of someone who is perfectionist, pays great attention to small things, and tends to be indifferent but actually attentive. Black people have a hidden attitude that is only shown to people nearby and closed to the public.

In an interview revealed a fact that when V is sick, there is a member who gives healthy food and says good luck recovering quickly. It was revealed that the member was Suga BTS. This makes fans flattered by Suga’s attitude.

  • Jung Ho Seok (Red)

Members who are akrap in greeting J-hope initially use silver mic. However, when BTS performed speak final tour Seoul J-hope replaced it with red. Red has a personal meaning that easily expresses itself, elegant and cleansing, easily adjusts and becomes a mood booster or source of spirit for many people.

The fact that J-Hope is a member who is very good at cleanliness is true. This is evident from the recognition of the members that Jhope is the cleanest member among them. The members also revealed they desperately need Jhope to restore their spirit.

  • Kim Nam Joon (Blue)

This BTS leader chose blue as their favorite color. It is also used on the MIC he uses, which is light blue. Blue has a very positive meaning, such as: trustworthy, thoughtful, very good at communicating, having high power or power. All the characters depicted by this blue color are very much in accordance with the personality that RM showed all along.

As a Leader, RM is required to be a wise, mature person, can make decisions, and is able to guide members. RM’s intellectual intelligence also makes it easier for him to carry out his duties as a Leader.

  • Park jimin (Gold)

The sexiest member in BTS chose gold as the color used for his mic. Although it is very rare for singers in general to use gold as a color for his singing property. The color gold is believed to mean a person who has a compassionate, charismatic personality, and his presence is very important and necessary. Jimin’s talents and talents certainly make him worthy of being called a highly charismatic man, and needed in the Group.

  • Kim Tae Hyung (Green)

Taehyung or more familiarly called V by these fans always looks charming with a green mic that he always grips. The green mic adds a masculine feel to him. Green is also believed to mean someone who is compassionate, humble, intelligent, and likes to learn new things so this is very positive for one’s personality and fits perfectly with the personality shown by V all along.

  • Jeon Jung Kook (Purple)

BTS’s youngest member looks adorable while wearing her purple mic. The purple color gives the impression of cute and adorable. Purple also means a person who is understanding, caring about others but on the other hand can be someone very sensitive. Therefore, bts members and other staff often try to keep the mood of a JungKook good, because it can also affect the spirit of other members.

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