Predicate For BTS Members

Predicate For BTS Members

Bangtan Sonyeondan(BTS)is one of the Kpop idols from South Korea that is currently the talk of many parties. He became a successful idol in his native South Korea and abroad.

BigHit Entertaimnet’s boygroup has even held concerts in various countries around the world. It officially debuted on June 13, 2013. With No More Dream as their first song.

The 7 members are: Kim Seok Jin, Min Yoon Gi, Jung Ho Seok, Kim Nam Joon, Park Ji Min, Kim Tae Hyung and Jeon Jung Kook. Thanks to the hard work done, making people love Kpop even more.

The support from fans makes BTS more popular internationally. Having a fanbase called ARMY made BTS more successful after being able to collaborate with several overseas artists. Others were also supportive when they did this collaboration. In fact, many artists have openly expressed admiration for BTS.

Top artists who have collaborated with BTS are The Chainsmoker, Steve Aoki, Nicki Minaj, Charlie Puth, Honne, Ed Sheeran, and Halsey. Of course the COMEBACK that BTS did was a huge success and sent them to earn some awards. When it comes to the awards earned by BTS, it is something to be proud of.

Every time there is an awards show performance, this idol is recorded often take home several awards trophies. Many people already suspect this because their achievements and talents deserve to be rewarded. As an Idol, BTS is also often the voice of major shows.

With BTS viewers consider a show to be more interesting to watch. One of the great events that has been attended by them is the Awards, grammys and many more. BTS members themselves are also often rewarded for their talents. An example is V. V or the owner of kim tae hyung’s real name was once the most handsome man in 2019 by a major magazine of the world. This achievement is a proud thing especially for the fans.

It’s not just Tae Hyung, many other BTS members who earn and earn awards. The Army took pride in this and agreed to pin some special predicates to them. So that each member has a special predicate. Each of these predicates they pin has a special meaning. The people of the world agreed that they were considered worthy of this predicate. In fact, the Army thinks this pedikat is not enough to insure the members.

Unique Predicate of BTS Members
Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS) Members

What are the predicates that fans pin for each BTS members?. Here’s the discussion.

1. Most Handsome Man In The Word (Jin)

The singer, whose full name is Kim Seok Jin, was born on December 4, 1992. Having blood type O, height 179 and weight 63 kg made Jin the most handsome man in the word.

At first Jin often referred to himself as Wordwide Handsome because of his unparalleled goodness. However, on December 1, 2019, netizens gave him the nickname The Handsome Man In The Word. This was because Jin won the King Choice version of Most Handsome Man In The Word. Jin won the award after gaining 444,448 votes. Outperforming Somerhalder, the Hollywood actor received only 367,889 votes.

2. Best Idol Rapper (Suga)

Min Yoon Gi or more familiarly called Suga was born on March 9, 1993. Having talented skills in terms of Rapper makes him the predicate of Best Idol Rapper by netizens. The rapper’s style is very good for fans to hear.

Suga is even expected to become the best Idol Rapper besides Zico and Mino. The owner of min yon gi’s real name always performs rappers in different styles, so that the audience does not create a monotonous impression. Suga’s indifferent and indifferent style makes it a strong charm of Suga in playing the Rapper.

3. Best Idol Dancer (J-Hope)

The presenter and rapper who is familiar with Jhope has his real name, Jung Ho Seok. Born on February 18, 1994 and joined street dance called NEURON. In the Group, Jhope holds positions as Lead Rapper and Main Dancer. This means that Jhope’s ability to play rappers and dancers is well worth thumbs up. Jhope was once in the category of Top 4 Idol Dancers. Oleh therefore, since then fans agreed to give jhope the title of Best Idol Dancer.

4. Hottest Body (RM)

The BTS leader, who has the stage name RM, has the real name Kim Nam Joon. RM was born on September 12, 1994, has a rapper burn, created songs, and a very talented Composer. RM’s prowess in creating songs has been recognized by the world. Every song he created for BTS was always accepted by the public and always won at various awards.

Not only that, the Leader is said to have a very perfect body proportion and is ideal for women. Kim Nam Joon ranked 1st in the survey of male idols who had the best physique over models. It is supported by the leg level he has, the ideal height is 181 cm, the long fingers and shoulders are so wide. Fans agreed to give RM the hottest body because of its charm that was able to hypnotize penonoton when performing on stage.

5. The Most Popular Male Kpop Idol (Jimin)

Park Ji Min was born on October 13, 1995. Jimin is a Lead Vocal and Main Dancer in the group. BigBang fans are known to have a kind attitude in addition to their incredible talent. Jimin’s charm has never been dethined from number 1 for the past 12 months, this BTS Member has been ranked 1st in the most Popular idols of 2019. Previously, no Idol had been able to last for 12 months. With this fact, fans agreed to attach the predicate of The Most Popular Male Kpop Idol to Jimin.

6. The Sexiest Men In The Word (V)

The man real name Kim Tae Hyung was born on December 30, 1995. Having a hoarse voice makes her considered a sexy-voiced singer. V won the 100 Most Handsome Face category in 2017. In 2019, V again stunned fans by winning the Sexiest Men In The Word 100 category. With the victory he won the world crowned V as The Sexiest Men In The Word. Fans believe that the sexiness of Kim Tae Hyung is invincible.

7. The Youngest Artist ON Top Billboard’s Artist Of Current Decade (Jungkook)

The meaning of this BTS has the real name Jeon Jung Kook. Born on September 1, 1997, he is the youngest member of the Group. Jungkook attended Seoul School Performing Arts and studied dance at an American dance academy. The youngest member was even able to break the global record as the youngest artist in billboard’s top artist lineup this decade. This is thought to be strong thanks to the euphoria song he performed. Jungkook has also been awarded from Hanbok Culture Week 2019 in 2017.

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