Here’s a Line of Celebrities Confirmed to Be Miss Trot 2 Contestants

Korean Celebrity Miss Trot Season 2

After the success of The Miss Trot survial show, TV Chosun again aired Miss Trot Season 2. As before, the contestants who participated in this event came from various circles, ranging from elementary to high school students, opera singers, artists, athletes, and various other professions.

Ahead of its airing, TV Chosun re-released photos of the Contestants of Miss Trot Season 2. Who are the Korean celebrities participating in this competition?

1. Sorn CLC

Miss Trot, Miss Trot Season 2

Sorn is a Thai singer, debuting with CLC under Cube Entertainment. Previously, he was known as the winner of K-Pop Star Hunt Season 1 in 2011. Not long ago, TV Chosun confirmed that she was a contestant on Miss Trot 2.

The owner of the original name Chonnason Satchakul was born on November 18, 1996. Since childhood, her mother has been interested in the world of drag. Growing up in a well-respected family, his father was a Prime Minister of Thailand.

Sorn was the first clc member to be introduced to the public, the girl group officially debuted on March 19, 2015. In 2013, she appeared in a documentary program called Seoul: Capital of K-Pop (Inside K-Pop). In the variety show, he and Seunghee told about his experience as a trainee.

In addition, Sorn joined several variety shows such as Idol Party which aired on TV Joseon along with Yuta NCT, and Cube Entertainment’s Way of Training Sorn on Arirang television channel one year before his debut.

The melodious singer had a collaboration with G.NA in the English version of the song Because You are the One. Sorn also appeared in Fai Amata in 2010.

2. Taeha Eks Momoland

Miss Trot, Miss Trot Season 2
Taeha Eks Momoland

The next celebrity confirmed as a Miss Trot 2 contestant is Momoland’s former member Teaha. In addition to being good at performing pop songs, this 22-year-old girl enjoyed the trot genre. It is very rare for today’s singers to be able to perform traditional South Korean songs, especially idols.

Taeha filled the lead vocalist position at Momoland. Unfortunately, the singer from Jeonju decided to leave the group that raised his name. Initially, she was only reportedly temporarily vacuumed from singing activities, due to an un-supportive health condition.

The promotion of I’m So Hot, which was released on March 20, 2019, was performed without her and one other member, Daisy. Soon after, MLD Entertainment announced that Taeha could not continue his career as a momoland member.

Taeha spent more than 5 years as a trainee, taking part in the survival show Produce 101 Season 1. However, his ability was not so prominent that he was knocked out in the first half.

In addition, she was also a contestant on Superstar K in 2009, but did not make the top 10. This season’s winners are Joo Moon Geun as runner up and Seo In Guk as the first winner.

The 24-year-old is reportedly close to debuting with WJSN. Therefore, until now she is still familiar with the girl group members.

3. Heo Chan Mi

Miss Trot, Miss Trot Season 2
Heo Chan Mi

Former SM Entertainmenttrainee Heo Chan Mi was also confirmed as a Miss Trot 2 contestant. As is known, this multitalented singer not only has a melodious voice, but is also talented in dancing. Unfortunately fate said another, he actually failed to debut not only once.

According to rumors, her name is included in one of the idols that will be debuted with Girl Generation. As it turned out, his figure did not appear after the group officially debuted. After that, he was confirmed to debut with F(X), mamun again failed.

Not long ago out of SM Entertainment, he was resented in 5dolls. Girl Group is a sub group of Co-Ed School, a korean dancer group consisting of 6 men and 5 women. This group is established under the auspices of MBK Entertainment, formerly still called Core Contents Media.

Heo Chanmi appeared on the screen and returned to the conversation during the survival show Produce 101 Season 1. A few years later he also participated in the Mixnine program. Through these two shows, she still had no luck debuting as an idol.

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Heo Chanmi signed with First One Entertainment in January 2020. Under the auspices of this agency he debuted as a solo singer. Marked by the launch of a Youtube channel, he changed his stage name to Huh Chanmi.

4. Song Ha Ye

Miss Trot, Miss Trot Season 2
Song Ha Ye

Singer of Plusmedia Entertaiment, Song Ha Ye also participated in Miss Trot season 2. The ballad singer debuted in 2013, having previously participated in the survival show K-Pop Star.

Some time ago, the owner of this golden voice was hit by bad news. He was accused of falsifying the charts by Park Kyung. The block B boy group member stated that if he knew who the singers were doing the course, he wrote several names of musicians, one of them was Song Ha Ye.

Through her personal social media, Song Ha Ye expressed disappointment at the baseless accusations from people she had never met. The agency that oversaw the Another Love singer settled the case through legal channels. After her problems subsided, she returned to her activities as a singer.

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Song Ha Ye often contributes her voice to the soundtrack of dramas including Star ost Glamour Temptation, Because I Love You ost Start Again, My Spring Ost Richman, Unfilled Empty ost A Pledge to God, If You Come Into My Heart ost Witch’s Castle, Say God Bye Ost Hotel del Luna, and many more.

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