Chanyeol EXO Wamil End of March, Already Ready?

End of March Chanyeol EXO Will Live Wamil

The latest news that must be important for K-Pop fans is the scheduled departure of Chanyeol EXO to depart Wamil. Wamil or Conscription is one of the duties of the state that applies to the state of South Korea.

Everyone has to come along, there are no exceptions for artists or idols though. Also included for exo band members who are currently a lot of fans, soon have to leave Conscription.

Following the other two members who have completed the task of this country, also for the other two members who are currently undergoing Wamil but not yet finished. Now it’s time for Chanyeol as one of exo’s band members who hasn’t done it to leave. Yes, previously D.O EXO also did this some time ago, and also Exo Chen who has now become a father.

Is there a greeting for fans before Exo Chanyeol departs? And when will this announcement officially be SM Entertainment release?

About Wamil South Korea

About Wamil South Korea
About Wamil South Korea

Conscription or Wamil is indeed a mandatory state duty for men. Whether it’s citizens, government officials, artists, singers, even band members.

Those who will participate in this Conscription are men aged 18 to 28 years. Not that for 10 years it follows its Conscription, but it is permissible to participate at any time as long as it is still in that age range.

Some Kpop idols choose to join the Military Service at a young age, around 18 to 19 years old. Then, some others choose to follow this task at the end of the age range, such as at age 26 or 27 for example.

Like EXO’s Chanyeol, born in 1992 and enlisted in the Military in 2021. Which means that he followed this task at the age of twenty-eight. He is one of the examples of Kpop idols who joined the Military Later, unlike the other four members who have finished and are running following the Conscription.

So what about female Kpop idols or the general female community in South Korea? They’re actually okay to come along, but they’re optional. They must first enlist in the Reserve Officer Training Corps.

Then for the duration, generally this Conscription runs for approximately 2 years. More precisely, Conscription for firefighters and marines for 23 months, 24 months for the Air Force, as well as 21 months for the Army and police.

News Chanyeol EXO Departs Wamil

chanyeol exo
News Chanyeol EXO Departs Wamil

As a fan of Chanyeol EXO now you already know how long you have to part with the idol. It turns out that Exo Chanyeol will stop entertaining us all for the next two years. However, surely you are curious not when exactly he will go home?

By knowing chanyeol’s departure date for conscription, we’ll know when he’ll be home.

The official statement from SM Entertainment has been around since February 26, 2021. SM Entertainment has announced to fans that Chanyeol will officially join the Military Service on March 29. Therefore, it is expected that Chanyeol will return to greet fans at the end of the year, the next two years.

However, SM Entertainment did not announce where or where Chanyeol would participate in the Military Service. One thing is certain is that when Chanyeol departs conscription there will be no release ceremony.

Which is usually Kpop idols who will depart conscription will be held a special release ceremony. Non-formal ceremonies are usually held by idol management and their colleagues.

With this announcement, fans don’t have to wait for updates on this special ceremony. But don’t be sad, because Chanyeol has given a message to his fans that will be discussed at the end of the article.

Two other EXO members have completed conscription, while the other two are still in the stage of completing Conscription (not yet home).

The two members who have finished are D.O. and Xiumin. Continued with Chen and Suho who are currently in the stage or still the process of Conscription. Therefore, Chanyeol became the fifth member to join Wamil.

Letter to The Fans

chanyeol exo
Chanyeol Will Miss The Fans

Before departing Conscription, Chanyeol EXO had given a letter to his fans as a warm greeting. In fact, the letter he had given before there was an official news from SM Entertainment that he would follow the Conscription.

This letter given by Chanyeol EXO became the first greeting for his fans after the controversial news about him in 2020. The fans can prove firsthand that Chanyeol does pay attention and care for them.

Through his letter, Chanyeol stated that he apologized for what had happened before. He apologized if it had alarmed the fans over the news spread.

Not only to apologize, Chanyeol also stated that the support given by fans means a lot to him. He immediately thanked the fans for providing endless support. It was the fans who accompanied him during his nine-year debut.

In the letter, too, he himself stated that he would guarantee the trust that fans gave him. He will ensure that fans will not be disappointed during this time and later after conscription is completed.

Chanyeol EXO gave this greeting to his fans on February 24, 2021 on his social media directly. With Chanyeol’s departure to conscription, he would become a duty-abiding citizen. Hopefully the fans are busy waiting for him for the next 2 years.

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