Getting to Know The Character of a Start Up Drama That Relates to the Real World

The Character of a Start Up Drama That Relates to the Real World

Start Up’s latest drama presents the story of the struggle of four young men in achieving a dream. The main character that stands out attracts the attention of several audiences from various circles. Because, it is considered relate to the business world in real life. From stuck looking for investors, to turning the brain to winning the competition.

To know more about the business world, let’s get to know the main character in the drama Start Up.

1. Nam Do San

Start Up

Nam Jo Hyuk often plays cool, cool, and handsome characters. He became a figure that many women were led. However, in the drama Start Up he played a nerdy character. This also makes theonoton tend to support the relationship of second leads.

Even though playing a man doesn’t mean boring. When examined, there are some unique traits of Nam Do San character that can be used as examples.

Nam Do San is a consistent person, this is demonstrated by pursuing the field of science. Until graduating from college, this character continued to pursue the field of Mathematics. Indirectly, he was able to understand his talents and interests from a young age.

As the founder of the company, Nam Do San is good at seeing competitor gaps. Proven from the products he has made. The software he created is different from other developers’ software. That means he’s researched competitors’ work before.

Similarly, when his team won the CODA competition. Of course, the victory was not just obtained. To be the best, it definitely takes a long process. Continue to make improvements until the product becomes sempurnya and worth using.

Although sekilah seems naïve, Nam Do San still deserves to be juxtaposed with Seo Dal Mi. Not only has a beautiful face, this man has many qualities hidden behind his nerdy nature.

2. Seo Dal Mi

Start Up
Seo Dal Mi

Having a mother and sister, Seo Dal Mi decides to live with her father. The character, played by Suzy, has ambitions to join start-up company, the goal is nothing but to fight her greedy kaka.

Seo Dal Mi is related to Nam Do San’s Samsan Tech company. This is where their meeting began. Until finally, the seeds of love between the two grew. On the other hand, Seo Dal Mi believes that Nam Do San is a mysterious man who once sent her a letter.

The rivalry with his brother began, he willingly stayed up every night looking for ideas for the development of his company. Despite facing many obstacles, Seo Dal Mi still dares to follow up on her decision. This persistence is what makes him successfully defeat the competitors.

Until finally, Seo Dal Mi managed to occupy the CEO’s chair. He also managed to change people’s view of him. His underrated ability turned out to be very worthy of recognition.

3. Han Ji Pyeong

Start Up

Han Ji Pyeong is an independent figure, he used to live alone because he grew up as an orphan. This condition is certainly not desired by any human being. After growing up, she decided to leave the orphanage and make a living. Self-reliance is the key to success.

This established man is very good at seeing opportunities, that’s why he is known as a successful investor. When under pressure, Han Ji Pyeong chooses to learn to invest. He continued to learn despite having to deal with even the big risks.

The body as an orphan makes it difficult to believe with others and tends to have an easy attitude. However, Han Ji Pyeong actually has a soft heart. He never forgets the people who helped him. To help others who are lonely, he also takes his time to become a sabbath pen.

From the beginning, Han Ji Pyeong has shown perseverance and tenacity. He did not give up easily with the situation despite growing a kara. This character is very fitting to be played by handsome actor Kim Seon Ho.

The lesson learned from Han Ji Pyeong’s character, one will not achieve his greatest desire if he does not persevere. The bending that begins today will lead to success one day.

4. Won In Jae

Start Up
Won In Jae

Actually, Won In Jae’s childhood was a big brother who loved his brother very much. However, things changed when her parents decided to divorce. From a young age of realistic thinking, she preferred to join a mother who remarried a rich man.

His decision led Won In Jae to separate from his father and brother. After marriage, his stepfather took his mother and himself to America. He spent his teenage years in the country.

Not only growing into a beautiful woman, Won In Jae is a very intelligent woman. He successfully holds a bachelor’s degree and becomes CEO of a company. Then he decided to return to Korea to develop a career.

At first glance, the character played by Kang Hanna looks the most perfect. Won In Jae has a wealth of his own efforts, a family that loves him very much, as well as an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Behind the perfection and calm attitude that is always shown, Won In Jae actually has a lot of difficulty to achieve this achievement. He has to work twice as hard as the general person.

His background as a chaebol keturuan became a barrier for him in the world of Start Up. Won In Jae is always stamped as the one who took advantage of his parents’ wealth. Wanting to dispel that view, he struggled with his own abilities.

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