Lee Min Ho’s Charm In The Faith Drama

Lee Min Ho's charm in Faith Drama

For those of you lovers of Korean drama,of course, it is familiar with the handsome and famous actor Lee Min Ho. He often appeared on screen as an advertising star as well as an actor in a play.

Its popularity led to every drama starring highly rated. Lee Min Ho is a South Korean actor and singer born on June 22, 1987. He first became known for starring in the Korean drama Boys Over Flower as Gu Jun Pyo. Lee Min Ho was named Best Actor at the Baeksang Arts Awards.

After the drama series Boys Over Flower ended, Lee Min Ho developed his wings in the drama world. He often starred in several dramas that ended in high ratings. In addition, Lee Min Hoo recently became the star of advertising one of indonesia’s famous products Luwak White Coffe. Lee Min Ho’s success also made this product more popular in the market. Lee Min Ho’s 1999 film “The Last Week” caused several dramas starring him to attract audiences.

Lee Min Ho Korean Drama Films

Some Korean dramas starring Lee Min Ho are: Personal Taste (2010), City Hunter (2011), Faith (2012), The Heirs (2013), The Legend Of The Blue Sea (2016) and many more. One of the roles played by Lee Min Ho in the drama Faith was a heated conversation among the public. This is due to the professionalism and charm he displayed. In this faith drama Lee Min Ho plays a warlord who is still relatively new to him.

The faith drama series was officially released in 2012. However, the drama is now back on Indonesian national TV stations. Although The Faith is an old-fashioned drama, audiences still have a lot of enthusiasm to watch them. According to the survey, one of the reasons why this drama became a long-awaited show was the arrival of Lee Min Ho who played the main character in it.

In the drama Faith, the audience is curious about the romance that takes place between Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee sun. Although at the beginning it seemed pushy and indifferent to each other but the audience still hoped for a happy ending between the two. If carefully considered, it turns out that Lee Min Ho’s role in attracting the audience and making the ratings of a play high is very important. Therefore, we should also know what charm lee min ho has as the king of his khsus drama in this drama The Faith.

Lee Min Ho's Charm in The Faith Drama
Lee Min Ho in The Faith

Lee Min Ho’s Appeal in The Faith Drama

1. Philanthropist

One of Lee Min Ho’s charms that is rarely known to the public is the generous nature he possesses. The generous nature of lee min ho is memorable and famous in Kore himself and abroad. Having a good personality makes Lee Min Ho often trusted to star in commercials and dramas as the lead.

2. Professionalism

As discussed earlier, Lee Min Ho is a very professional actor in his role. Almost all roles have been played by actors on this one. In the drama series The Faith for example, Lee Min Ho must play a troop commander named Choi Young. Choi Young was trusted by the king of the Goryeo Dynasty to bring a healer from the sky and was thought to be able to treat the queen who was hit by an enemy attack. Lee Min Ho’s acting in portraying himself as Choi Young received tremendous appreciation by the public. Because Lee Min Ho is able to play a man who comes from the past slickly and interestingly.

3. Famous Actors

Lee Min Ho also often received numerous offers to star in Hollywood films. This can certainly be strong evidence that Lee Min Ho is an actor who is wanted by various Countries. However, it is unfortunate that Lee Min Ho declined the offer on the grounds that he was not ready to accept a larger role.

4. Most Expensive Actors

Lee Min Ho’s popularity makes him one of the most highly paid actors. Lee Min Ho was even among the most expensive South Korean actors. Of course, this is in keeping with the popularity he has today. Just for info, per episode of the drama starring him, He was paid approximately 893 million. Not to mention when the drama starring is highly rated. Of course, the royalty that will be obtained will increase.

5. Smart and Proud

Lee Min Ho was an ambassador for Unicef from 2009 to 2010. Then, in 2015 Lee Min Ho was re-elected as an ambassador for the South Korean Tourism campaign entitled The Face Of Korean Tourism. Of course this makes Lee Min Ho a proud actor of The State.

6. Have Many Awards

Speaking of awards, Lee Min Ho is one of the most award-winning actors. This is evidenced from 2009-2018 Lee Min Ho often came home with many awards trophies. In 2009 Lee Min Ho received 5 awards from different nominees, one of which was Baeksang Arts Awards in drama series Boys Over Flowers. In 2012 Lee Min Ho was awarded as Top 10 Start, Top Excellence Awards and Actor In Miniseries in darama Faith, you’re going to have Lee Min Ho also received an award in the Best Couple with Goo Hye Sun (Boys Over Flowers), Park Shin Hye (The Heirs), Kim Hee Sun (Faith) and Jun Ji Hyun (The Legend Of The Blue Sea).

Some of the reviews above make Lee Min Ho often eagerly awaited appearance on screen, the audience can’t wait to see the acting of this handsome actor from South Korea.

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