Chronology of BTS Members Positive for COVID-19 After Returning from the U.S.

Chronology of BTS Members Positive for COVID-19 After Returning from the U.S.

Three of the seven members of boy band BTS tested positive for coronavirus in the past three days. The three members of BTS Positive COVID-19 are Suga, Jin and RM. Suga first tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday (24/12/2021).

Big Hit, BTS’s agency, said Suga tested positive for COVID while undergoing self-quarantine upon arrival in South Korea from the United States.

“BTS member, Suga, was confirmed by COVID-19 on Friday (24/12/2021) while undergoing self-quarantine after being tested for PCR after returning to South Korea on Thursday (12/23/2021),” Big Hit wrote in a statement on Waverse, released by Soompi, Friday (12/24/2021).

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A day later, two other Bangtang Boys members were also declared to have contracted the coronavirus. RM and Jin tested positive for COVID after arriving from the United States on December 17.

“Hello. It’s Big Hit Music. BTS members RM and Jin confirmed COVID-19 on Saturday night, December 25,” Big Hit wrote in a statement.

“After returning on Friday, December 17 from the U.S. and undergoing a personal agenda as part of the holiday period, RM immediately conducted a PCR test with a negative COVID-19 result. But, after doing a PCR test today, he tested positive for COVID-19.”

Big Hit also said that RM had no symptoms. Meanwhile, the other member Jin experienced symptoms of a mild fever.

“He (Jin) has mild symptoms such as a mild fever and is undergoing treatment at home,” Big Hit said.

The agency also said Suga, Jin and RM had been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and had no contact with the other BTS members.

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Despite the news of bts members positive COVID-19, at the end of this year, South Korea is indeed facing an increase in COVID-19 cases. Since October, the number of daily cases in South Korea has continued to rise, reaching 7,000 cases per day.

Similarly, the United States whose daily cases rose again, especially after the presence of the Omicron variant.

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