Timeline Until Kris Wu’s ‘Ex EXO’ Rebuttal About Sexual Harassment Allegations

Kris Wu Accused of Raping Up to Rape of Minors

Actor and musician from China, Kris Wu faces allegations of sexual abuse of underage girls. Kris has denied the allegations, but the whistleblower continues to open up about the matter.

The allegations stem from a 19-year-old girl named Du Meizhu who recounted allegations of abuse to rape committed by Kris in an interview. He accused the idol of harassing him.

As reported by DongA IIbo, in an interview with local media, Du Meizhu revealed his first meeting with Kris when he was 17 years old. He also insists he is not a fan of Kris Wu. In addition, he also said he never listened to his music or watched dramas or shows starring Kris.

“They (Kris Wu’s side) said it was an interview. They didn’t say it would last at night. For one thing or another, they picked me up late at night. I entered the car and the manager said Kris was there,” Du Meizhu said.

Arriving at Kris’ house, Meizhu said a number of other people also gathered there, such as a music producer, two other girls his age, and Kris’ male cousin. Afterwards, Meizhu said he was asked to chug alcohol along with a number of other people.

“I got there at about 9 p.m. and was forced to play a game, no one was talking about work. I wanted to go home but his manager wouldn’t let him even take my phone,” she said.

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“I just got my phone back when I went to the bathroom and I immediately contacted a colleague for help. But the manager knew it and he said I wasn’t having fun Kris would be angry.”

The manager also mentioned that Kris Wu is an influential person in the entertainment industry. These words influence the mind of Meizhu who is studying art and will become an artist in the future.

“It doesn’t seem good because I can easily be blacklisted when Kris Wu speaks up. The manager said Kris also had a lot of big projects and if I could be a good model in his music clips. I can get a role in a big play.”

“He also said I could even be an artist at his agency. So I couldn’t think clearly at the time, I was a 17-year-old. I was forced back into the living room and a number of people forced me to drink, including Kris,” Du Meizhu said.

“He said I had been gone too long so I had to drink 2 cocktails. I’m too scared to fight. I lost consciousness and when I woke up I was in Kris Wu’s bed,” she continued.

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Meizhu mentions Kris sleeping next to her. He also immediately took clothes and left the room, but Kris’ cousin who slept in the living room saw it. Du Meizhu also has to go back to the bedroom and wait for Kris to wake up while standing.

“When he woke up, he asked me why I was standing up and pulled me back into bed. He said he would take responsibility and take care of me forever, and would take me to see his mother in the new year. He looks sincere,” he explained.

“It never really introduced anyone to me. He once said he was going to give me a source of work and it was also said to another girl but it never happened.”

However, since March 2021 Kris’s attitude is said to have completely changed, until finally he never gave a reply message.

‘He didn’t reply to my messages, didn’t call me or say good morning and night. When I send a message, it’s between not replying or replying to it with an emoji long after I’ve sent the message.”

Kris Wu’s rebuttal

Shortly after the allegations, Kris Wu opened up and denied all allegations from Du Meizhu. He said he did not immediately respond to the allegations because he would pursue legal action. however, he said the issue was getting wilder because he was just silent.

“I did not immediately respond because I did not want to intervene in the legal process. but I did not expect silence to make rumors and attacks more wild. I have reached the limit of patience!” wrote Kris on Weibo.

In his upload on Weibo, the man, whose full name is Wu Yi Fan, denied the entire story du Meizhu told and was able to prove it through the testimony of those around him.

“I only met Du once when I was hanging out with friends on December 5, 2020. I never forced him to drink alcohol or take his cell phone. None of that was told to happen,” Kris Wu said.

“Many people in the association can confirm it.”

“I declare there has never been a rape after seducing, drug-using rape, or a minor.”

He said his statement was accountable. Kris even stated that he would turn himself in to prison if convicted of these charges.

“If that’s true, please don’t worry, I myself will go to jail and be legally responsible for my words above.”

“I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience to everyone,” he said.

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