Chung Ha Officially Joins 88rising, This Is Why He Deserves To Go International

Chung Ha Joins 88rising

Not long ago, South Korean soloist Chung Ha reportedly officially joined 88rising. According to several sources, he was the first K-Pop idol to join the international music label. That means, this golden-voiced woman is ready to increase the promotion of works in Asia and America.

For the unfussy, 88rising is an entertainment media founded by Sean Miyashiro. The New York-based label is popular for its ability to manage talented musicians, and bring them to be known globally. Indonesian musicians Rich Brian and Niki became superstars after 88rising.

Chung Ha Go International

Undoubtedly, this is why Chung Ha deserves to be the top singer worldwide.

1. Multitalented Singer

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Lovers of survival show Produce 101 season 1 must be familiar with Chung Ha. Since the second episode, viewers have been captivated by his towering abilities. Thanks to her talent, she debuted with 11 other trainees in the girl group I.O.I. project.

Actually, Chung Ha wants to be known as a singer. He briefly auditioned at YG Entertainment, before finally qualifying as a JYP Entertainment trainee. As a child, the woman, whose real name is Chan Mi, joined the church choir.

Often performing on stage as a young man makes his desires stronger. Chung Ha wants to perform as a famous singer someday. However, since joining the television program that aired on Mnet, she is better known as a reliable dancer.

After the I.O.I. project was completed, he debuted under MNH as a soloist. His talent in the world of music is not playful, proven by the powerful choreography sound quality is still stable.

2. Controlling The Image On Stage

chung ha, 88rising

An idol must have the ability to master the stage. In addition to singing and dancing, the image on stage is no less important. A star should be able to get the audience carried away by the song being sung. As a musician who comes with a complete package, the star quality is owned by Chung Ha.

Both when performing together with I.O.I. and as soloists, his aura and charisma always attract the attention of the audience. Not surprisingly, he was eyed by the world’s best labels. The totality on stage made it more widely known. Not only Asia, but also in other countries.

Chung Ha made her solo debut on June 7, 2017 with the album Hands on Me. The title track titled Why Don’t You Know received 2 million views in a week, and ranked first in several music charts. In 2019, his name exploded again with Gotta Go, the song that led to several nominations for the prestigious music award.

Seen from her appearance from the beginning of her debut until now, she displays different images from cute, fierce, innocent, to sexy. This also makes fans not easily bored.

3. Chung Ha Fashionable

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Chung Ha has a modern dress style that is often followed by her fans. Any style is suitable for use by singers of this beautiful stature. The outfit used is always simple, but looks luxurious. This makes some famous fashion brands interested in making themselves as models.

Often appeared photoshoots with various magazines, he was able to present various types of clothing models well. In addition, he is also very photogenic, this ability makes him worthy of being a trendsetter of the younger generation.

Chung Ha’s style of dress is able to attract the attention of fashion lovers, such as style when red carpet, stage, music video, until everyday is always in the spotlight.

4. Able to Establish Communication with International Fans

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This girl born in 1996 is known to have a good personality. Despite being known as an idol, he did not remain humble. Chung Ha maintains communication with anyone. Even in 2017, he participated in the Genie Music Challenge.

Not only that, through the pickle he donated 980 thousand won, or the equivalent of 850 dollars. This kind of arrogant attitude must be possessed by a celebrity.

Chung Ha is also known as an idol who behaves well with fans. He is also friendly to fans from outside South Korea. Thanks to his English skills, he easily interacts with overseas fans.

Despite having native South Korean blood, Chung Ha is very fluent in English. This is because he had lived in Dallas for about 7 years.

5. Frequent Collaborations with Famous Musicians

chung ha, 88rising

News of Chung Ha’s collaboration with Rich Brian went viral in various news media. Before this news emerged, he had a duet with several famous musicians. The song released is always well received.

Super Junior member Yesung once invited Chung Ha to project with SM Station. The soft sounds of the two blend perfectly, especially accompanied by cheerful music. The song titled Whatcha Doin is suitable to improve the mood when bored.

GRIZZLY also joined Chung Ha in a song called Run. His soft voice makes the scene in the music of the video even more beautiful.

Chung Ha is part of the STASION × 0 project formed by SM Entertainment. Together with talented idols Seulgi Red Velvet, SinB GFriends, and Soyeon (G)I-DLE sang Wow Thing.

While in his debut song, he collaborated with Nucksal to fill the rap part. The song Why Don’t You Know makes summer even more colorful.

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The collaboration with Babylon on the song LaLaLa is also no less cool. Even this song is made special clips set in the night sky with twinkling lights. Not long ago, precisely November 27, 2020 Chungha reportedly launched a pre-release single titled Dream Of. In his latest song, he will collaborate with R3HAB.

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