Chungha is Positive Covid-19, Here Are The Rows of Artists Who Tested After Contact With Her

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Shocking news came from Soloist Chungha, who was declared positive for Covid-19 after making contact with a patient who contracted the virus. This news was reported from Spot News media on December 7, 2020.

Recently, Chungha is preparing for a comeback with the pre-release single X in December 2020, and the album Querencia in January 2021. It is likely that this melodious woman will reschedule after being declared positive for Covid-19.

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Shortly after Chungha’s news circulated, MNH Entertainment confirmed the unpleasant news. It is true that the test results state that this beautiful virgin is positive for Covid-19.

The agency stated that Chungha ceased all activities due to self-quarantine and carried out actions according to the instructions of health authorities. MNH Entertainment also stated the possibility of the beginning of their artists contracting Covid-19 for the first time.

Initially, the Dream of You singer suffered a shoulder injury, so she had to undergo rehabilitation at the sports center. Chungha reportedly returned to the site on December 2, 2020. After that, it was informed that one of the patients contracted Covid-19 on December 5, 2020.

Meanwhile, through his personal social media account he wrote an apology to fans. Chungha also advised everyone to be careful when doing activities in the middle of a pandemic.

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Artist Who Performed Tests After Making Contact with Chungha

Here are the idols who had to undergo tests after making last contact with Chungha.

1. Mina Gugudan


Three days before being declared positive for Covid-19, Chungha had also celebrated her colleague Kang Mina’s birthday. The event was not a massive party, but was attended by only four people including Yeonjung and Chaeyeon.

Currently, Kang Mina quarantines according to protocol even though the results are negative. Jellyfish Entertainment stated that their artist had been in contact with Chungha. The agency promised to provide information on the progress of the artist’s condition, and apologized to fans for making them worried.

Kang Mina is a member of girl group Gugudan just celebrated her 20th birthday on December 4, 2020. Along with Chungha, she debuted as an I.O.I. in May 2016. This is what keeps them close to each other.

Kang Mina is a multitalented young artist, in addition to being active as an idol she also debuted as an MC and actress. Last year, he was chosen as a host on MBC Music Core. This sweet girl also appeared in several dramas such as 20th Century Boy and Girl, Dokgo Rewind, Tale of Fairy, and Hotel del Luna.

2. Yeonjung WJSN


Yeonjung, a member of WJSN, also had to run a test after making contact with Chungha. This melodious-voiced girl attends a meal together at Kang Mina’s birthday party. After the small party was over, he returned to activities with his group.

After Chungha was declared positive, Yeonjung and all WJSN members ran a Covid-19 test. While waiting for results, they are required to self-quarantine for two weeks.

This caused the production of The Homemade Love Story drama to be stopped. Bona is a member of WJSN as the main character in this latest drama. She and the other members make contact with Yeonjung after meeting chungha.

3. Chaeyeon DIA


The former gave this I.O.I. also visited Kang Mina’s house to celebrate his birthday. According to MBK Entertainment, Chaeyeon has done a swab test and is awaiting results. This news has worried fans of this beautiful singer.

Chaeyeon is an idol and actress who was born on December 1, 1997, before attending Kang Mina’s birthday, she also had time to celebrate her own birthday. He is now 24 years old, according to age standards in South Korea.

Despite being disbanded, Chaeyeon and other former I.O.I. members are still in a very good relationship. They support each other’s careers, even meeting if they have time to spare.

Chaeyeon himself is active in the entertainment world as a singer and actress. She participated in the dramas Dringking Solo, 109 Strange Things, Reunited Worlds, Marry Me Now, To Jenny, and My First Love.

4. Member Twice


Right now, fans of girl group Twice are breathing a sigh of relief. Last Monday night, december 7, 2020, JYP Entertaiment announced that all members and managers were declared negative from Covid-19.

After Chungha’s test results were announced, all Twice members and staff had to undergo a swab test. The agency said that not long ago, Sana made direct contact with the soloist.

Despite the negative results, Sana underwent a private quarantine for approximately two weeks. While the other members continue to carry out activities as planned. This is because the Japanese member is the only one who makes direct contact with Covid-19 patients.

5. Member Momoland


All Momoland members also conducted swab tests after Chungha was declared positive for Covid-19. Indeed, none of the members made direct contact with the soloist. However, they visited the same hairdresser and makeup artist’s salon recently.

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Girl Group under MLD Entertainment has just made a comeback on November 17, 2020. They are currently actively promoting a single titled Ready or Not. The agency said their artists would temporarily stop doing activities until the swab came out, and run a private quarantine to suppress transmission.

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