Coldplay and BTS release my universe song

Coldplay and BTS release my universe song

Rock band Coldplay and Kpop boy group BTS officially leaked their collaboration project for a song, Monday (09/13/2021). The British rock band released a teaser image for a single “My Universe”, which also featured BTS.

Launching from Soompi, Tuesday (09/14/2021), the single “My Universe” will be released on September 24. According to the information, “My Universe” will be available in the form of a single CD containing two limited edition songs.

Both songs are “My Universe” and the instrumental version. The inside cover will feature a reproduction of Coldplay’s handwritten lyrics as well as BTS’s. The announcement confirmed the issue that BTS will be appearing on Coldplay’s latest song, which has been circulating since July. However, neither Big Hit nor Warner Music Korea confirmed the issue.

Coldplay released a teaser dominated by unug colors and some mysterious symbols. ‘#MyUniverse Coldplay X BTS ‘September 24th’ pre-order and pre save now,” Coldplay wrote on twitter, which included bts’s Twitter account.

On April 18, a new Twitter account called Alien Radio FM, which related to Coldplay, appeared. Since then, the account has posted in foreign languages. The account also tweets or retweets Coldplay news, such as billboard videos and sightings. It is certain that the account leads to something interesting.

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Following the announcement of their studio album Music of the Spheres, which is scheduled for october 15, space-themed release, it became increasingly clear that Alien Radio FM was directly related to the project. This is a creative promotional technique for marketing a new album.

Alien Radio FM has confirmed a collaborative project called “ColdTan”. On September 13, the account shared a foreign-language video that read, “Coldplay x BTS My Universe”. Fans of the British rock band cracked the language codes made a few months ago, when they appeared in the filming of a music video. From coldplay fans’ translation, it seems that it is the official announcement for BTS on the song “My Universe”.

Not long after the Alien Radio FM video, the rock band’s official account announced the collaboration. They shared the photo and wrote the collaboration confirmation in the caption column. Shortly afterwards, BTS also confirmed it by retweeting the post.

Korean media reported that “My Universe” was sung in Korean and English. The song was written and composed by BTS and Coldplay and produced by Max Martin. While the album will be released on October 15, fans can start listening to the song on September 24.

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