Again reaping criticism, this is the MAMA Award Controversy

Mnet Asian Music Awards

Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) is a prestigious music award event held for the first time in 1999. In recent years, however, its implementation has caused a lot of controversy.

MAMA itself is held annually by South Korea’s largest entertainment company, CJ E & M in collaboration with Mnet. This event was held several times in several Asian countries such as China and Japan.

As the oldest music award event, MAMA is no longer as crowded as in previous years. Not only from fans, protests were also thrown from the agency directly. This is the controversy that has befallen Mama in recent years.

1. Voting System Considered Strange

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Not a few fans are aware of the strangeness of the voting system at the MAMA awards ceremony. As in 2017, Pristin won best female newcomer. In fact, one of the South Korean media reported, Chungha was ahead by 26.6 votes. While the Pledis Entertainment artist received 19.8 votes.

In the same year, BTS and EXO received more than 30 million votes for the best male dance performance category. However, the winner was Seventeen who only got 2.2 million votes.

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In addition, the curation of the validity of the problematic vote was also dismantled by kbizoom.com, votes from voters with the original account were not counted or deleted. This is very influential for the nominated artist, because the ratings will decrease drastically.

2. Receive a Accusations Handing out Trophies

Mama, Ajang Penghargaan MAMA

As is known, more and more musicians are present in the South Korean entertainment industry. Both groups and soloists gained their own popularity. This led to accusations that MAMA splits the trophies evenly on each nominated artist.

In 2015, Park Jin Young won the best male singer trophy. In fact, the result of the vote was far less than Kyuhyun Super Junior and Jung Yong Hwa CNBlue.

One year earlier, G-Dragon had performed by tucking into rap lyrics that smelled of innuendo. This Big Bang member also posted the lyrics on his social media account. This makes the audience more confident if MAMA divides the trophies evenly.

Fans also vented their anger at Mnet, as Sistar won best women’s group of 2015. This result was considered not objective because at that time SNSD and 2NE1 made a comeback.

3. The Viewer Is Not Handled Professionally

Mama, Ajang Penghargaan MAMA

Taeyeon and Wiz Kalifa were announced to be duet at MAMA 2016, this performance is certainly anticipated by fans. However, during the event there was no collaboration between the two. They performed with their own signature singles.

In 2015, the trophy that was supposed to be awarded to Park Jin Young as the best producer, was instead given to EXO. The organizers blamed sm entertainment’s boy group for not being careful about the trophies received.

While the latest, the investigation is again done, BTS photos displayed on the big screen only contain 6 members, without pictures of Jin. This mistake earned unpleasant comments from the Army around the world.

4. Actors and Actresses Get Preferential Treatment

Mama, Ajang Penghargaan MAMA

The latest controversy, circulating unfair treatment occurred at MAMA 2020, the idols had to queue in the parking lot. Even photos circulating show Teayong NCT dressed in a car, while others use portable restrooms for makeup.

This condition makes many idols rent a place around the stage area. Some agencies prepare food for their artists independently. However, Mnet said it had prepared catering for the artists.

This condition is much different from that received by actors and actresses, they get preferential treatment. Waiting in the comfort of a luxury snack.

Mnet defended that actors and actresses need extra preparation to appear as nominated readers. Meanwhile, the idols have recorded performances. In addition, organizers want to comply with health protocols so that there is no buildup in the waiting room.

Still related to the unfairness between idols and actors and actresses, fans brought up musicians who performed without being paid. They should benefit from tickets being sold to fandom.

Quoting from one of the South Korean media, MAMA 2019 held in Nagoya Dome, Japan sold tickets equivalent to Rp. 3,100,000.00 for one seat. If you want to watch the red carpet moment the price becomes Rp. 705.000,00. According to reports from the same media, at that time CJ E & M got Rp.,00.

With such a large income, idols only get fees for airfares and accommodation during the set schedule. In fact, they were not invited to the afterparty, precisely what came was the actors and actresses. In fact, this award is intended for musicians.

As for the idols, they usually fly back to South Korea immediately after the performance. Not only that, the agency will spend personal money on makeup, videotape, and more. So, don’t be surprised if a small agency can’t send its artists if MAMA is held abroad.

5. Poor Field Conditions

Mama, Ajang Penghargaan MAMA

Not long ago South Korea’s largest media, Dispact presented new evidence. MAMA 2020 was held in Paju, apparently located in a construction area that is scheduled to be completed in 2023.The condition of the parking lot used as a waiting room for idols is also very dusty.

Regarding this, CJ E&M only commented that they had cooperated 100% with the performer artist, they also admitted to providing sprinkler trucks during the event to minimize dust levels.

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Nevertheless, fans still regret the bad situation at MAMA 2020. Not only that, Mnet continues to get scathing criticism until now.

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