Crash Landing On You, North and South Korea’s Love Story

Crash Landing On You, North and South Korea's Love Story

Crash Landing On You is a drama series that recently stole the attention of Korean drama lovers because of its heartwarming plot. The drama stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, one of South Korea’s most famous actors and actresses. The two played lead actors who succeeded in impressing the audience with their acting.

A True Story Behind the Drama Crash Landing On You

The drama tells the love story of a couple, Yoon Se Ri and Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok. Yoon Se Ri was the son of a successful tycoon and businessman in South Korea, while Captain Ri was the son of a military officer and a South Korean soldier.

It is known from the media that the screenwriter Park Ji Eun found inspiration from an incident on September 12, 2008. In the incident, an actress was taken to a demilitarized zone in North Korea. In another case the incident has been raised, but Park Ji Eun raises a different story.

A True Story Behind the Drama Crash Landing On You
A True Story Behind the Drama Crash Landing On You

In this must-watch romantic Korean drama, the writer replaces the ship with a paragliding. According to him the choice of paragliding becomes a stronger story of meaning. With a fairly relaxed activity makes the main players build chemistry with each other. According to the director, Lee Jong hyo, judging the play written so much fun.

However, filming is not possible in North Korea but can be done with a North Korean feel that is in Jeju Island, Mongolia, and South Korea. In addition to these three places, some also take in incheon, chungju, and busan areas. So the drama is so visceral that it has a Korean feel even though the shooting remains in South Korea.

Crash Landing On You Highest Rated Drama

The drama won the highest rating on tvN and its final episode received a rating of 21.6 percent. It also beat the previous highest 2016 drama “Goblin” by 20.5 percent. It also placed second in the highest-rated drama on Cable TV.

The drama follows a couple named Captain Ri and Yoon Se Ri. In this drama Yoon Se Ri as the heir to the conglomerate is forced to land in North Korea due to a strong wind storm. While Captain Ri as a North Korean officer tried to save Yoon Se Ri in order to return home to South Korea. The meeting turned out to bring the seeds of love between the two.

Long story short in the last episode Yoon Se Ri has gone through his critical times and Captain Ri and his friends are back in North Korea. The breakup depicted in the film was so heartwarming and managed to make the audience cry. After the breakup, Yoon Se Ri spent his days with more cheerfulness and passion. That’s because he always gets word from Captain Ri.

Highest Rated Drama
Highest Rated Drama

The two’s attempt to meet was a struggle because it carried the names of two countries in conflict. There is no responsibility even on the part of conglomerate Yoon Se Ri to hold concerts every year in Switzerland. The concert was held outside his country in the hope that the two could meet. What a struggle of love that makes the hearts of the audience very much follow the storyline.

Why “CLOY” Is A Must-Watch

The first reason is because thanks to the acting of the two main actors who are very eye-catching. This is nothing but a track record of their many award-winning travels and film offerings. Yoon Se Ri has been nominated for Best Actress in several awards shows. In addition, his co-star Hyun Bin has successfully starred in dramas including Secret Garden, Rampant, The Negotiation, and others.

The second reason is that the play is presented with an interesting storyline so that the audience doesn’t get tired of seeing it. Of the first scene of concern was the Yoon Se Ri incident that landed in North Korea. Then Captain Ri initially thought that he was a spy. But then Yoon Se Ri tried to escape because he felt he was in an unsafe country.

The third reason is a very different love story of a couple. In terms of background it is clearly different because Yoon Se Ri is a South Korean woman while Captain Ri is a North Korean officer. Then another difference is that Yoon Se Ri is the heir to the business conglomerate of his parents while Captain Ri is the son of a military officer. These background differences apparently led them to get chemistry with each other.

The Value of Life In a Crash Landing On You Drama

As already told that Yoon Se Ri had a strong wind incident that had to bring his paragliding to land in North Korea. At first Captain Ri wanted to report Yoon Se Ri’s incident, but it turned his back on the intention that it was the Captain who would help Yoon Se Ri. Secretly there are many ways to get back to South Korea despite some failures.

The Value of Life In a Crash Landing On You Drama
The Value of Life In a Crash Landing On You Drama

Living modestly in North Korea, Yoon Se Ri felt differently to the treasure trove in South Korea. Yoon Se Ri is comfortable and very happy because there are so many sincere people by his side. Many life values that can be learned in this drama include:

  1. The Purpose of Happy Living Is Not Just Money.
  2. Being grateful and enjoying a moment of life is a very precious thing.
  3. Sincere people are those who manage to make us happy and rich in heart, not just treasures.
  4. Do good and help each other despite knowing they will have a breakup

Such is the drama Crash Landing On You that many raise the value of life and struggle. Very must watch!

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