Daniel Radcliffe on The End of 2020: Harry Potter Won’t Happen Again

Daniel Radcliffe at the End of 2020

Who doesn’t know Daniel Radcliffe, the main player in the phenomenal Harry Potter film series and has fans around the world? The series is based on a novel published in The United Kingdom and later made into a best-selling novel. J.K. Rowling’s novel began in print in 2001 and was completed in 2011.

After becoming a film, his work became very famous. Even for the filming itself took ten years. Even after all these years the film is finished, its popularity still continues to be felt today. One of the favorite actors is the main character of Harry Potter, played by Daniel Radcliffe.

There are currently rumours that the old Harry Potter actors will return to film together, and that includes Daniel Radcliffe. One overseas article explained that there were rumors that it seemed like Daniel decided to rejoin after he thought. There are some updates about this harry potter main player.

Filming Conditions During Pandemic

Daniel Radcliffe on End of Year 2020: Harry Potter
The Condition of FilmMaking That Is Quite Hampered in the Pandemic

Despite rumours that Daniel Radcliffe is returning to star in the fantasy-themed series. It turns out that not many of the film’s actors appear together. Some have yet to give a definitive answer. This is because of the current state of his country.

Because the current pandemic condition is one of the reasons why the studio can not immediately do filming. They fear that there will be new problems related to the current pandemic condition, which has not decreased cases.

But they promise that if things start to improve, they will do everything in their ability to make fans of the Harry Potter series feel back in their day with a slightly different theme.

New Film From J.K Rowling’s Novel

There are rumors that the studio is making a movie that is actually the same type of film as the Harry Potter movie. However the film will only aim to feature with special actor Daniel and several other actors.

The film from J.K Rowling’s novel is actually aimed at making loyal fans of the Harry Potter series come back. Because he considers that although the making of his novel has stopped long enough, but the nuances still feel very clear.

The new film is still being developed, but they have not announced when they will start making it. That is because external factors are still unstable.

The Harry Potter film That Carries Daniel Radcliffe’s Name

Harry Potter
The Famous Harry Potter Movies

As we know, that author of the Harry Potter novel named J.K. Rowling. Before releasing the eighth film of his novel. J.K. Rowling has said that she still hasn’t moved on from Harry Potter after previously writing a concluding novel published in 2007.

However, the author, who made his novel a bestseller in 2001, said he was designing a new novel that could later become a film to make fans feel like they’re going back to the Harry Potter era but with a slightly different feel.

The first film to achieve success was Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone, which tells the story of Harry having to know that Voldemort has returned through one of his teachers’ bodies, Prof. Quirell. Later, the second film, Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, tells the story of Harry’s battle in a secret room with the Basilisk.

Harry Potter and The Prizoner of Azkaban seems to be a phenomenal one with the lead actor’s meeting with Sirius Black, his godfather. Then, following Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire to Harry potter and The Deadly Hallows became very important for fans. Then will Daniel Radcliffe return to star in the next film of J.K Rowling’s novel?

Fantastic Beast Movie Doesn’t Involve Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe on End of Year 2020: Harry Potter
Fantastic Beast Movie That Doesn’t Involve Daniel Radcliffe

At the end of this year, fans of the Harry Potter films received a special gift from the film production team. Because they claimed to have prepared a movie with the same theme as Harry Potter. But it has a somewhat different nature than the previous film. There are even rumours that a Harry Potter director named David Yates is rumoured to be returning to assist in the making of the film.

In the film titled Fantastic Beasts gives the feel of adventure. With Newt Scamander and his comrades to fight a dark witch named Gellert Grindelwald played by Johnny Depp. The dark witch is said to be trying to find a new follower. The goal is to rule the world and there will be Eddie Redmayne and friends who will try to stop him.

However, in an exclusive interview actor Daniel Radcliffe made it clear that he did not want to reprise the lead role in Harry Potter. He even said in the interview that he was not interested in playing in the new film called Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them.

Of course hearing the statement, the listeners gave a negative response. Among them they considered that Daniel was too quick in making his decision this time. Not even a few criticized his decision by saying that Daniel was too arrogant. Some say that Daniel was in a hurry to make a decision on the film’s offer.

The actor, who once starred in the Harry Potter films, said he considered his history in the film to be over. He also made it clear he did not want to return. There was even a thought from Daniel Radcliffe that without him, the film would still be popular.

Daniel revealed that although it does not close the possibility other time he could have received an offer to play in the film. But for this time, he didn’t want to come back. He is still comfortable with his not-so-hectic work schedule.

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