DAY6 Comeback After Vacuum: The Formation Is Complete

DAY6 Comeback After a Year of Vacuum With Complete Formation

DAY6 comeback is certainly encouraging news for Korean and international fans. A year is not a short time. Kkini those who choose idol boyband DAY6 can already watch his idol gig again.

There’s a reason why DAY6 comeback and why they got vacuumed. You who love this Boy Band, may already know the reason, or maybe not? To be clear, they are officially back to entertain the fans.

When is DAY6 Back Gig?

DAY6 Back Gig
When is DAY6 Back Gig?

Reportedly, DAY6 comeback in April this year. Soon, fans will no longer have to miss their idols by only being able to see them on Instagram or other social media.

DAY6 comeback is certainly a momentum or code that they will again perform on the stage that live streaming can be watched live by all DAY6 fans anywhere.

Of course the day6 news of this comeback is valid news of the truth. Because this news was given directly by day6 management, JYP Entertainment who also raised the name 2PM and GOT7. JYP Entertainment has announced that they will return to entertainment after a two-year hiatus on February 26, 2021.

From JYP Entertainment, not only give news day6 comeback only. It has also been explained that all of its personnel are currently working on their latest album. The most recent album from the previous album when it was not vacuum, namely The Book Of Us: The Demon.

JYP Entertainment itself is a music management pioneered by Park Jin Young, a senior singer-songwriter from South Korea. As a music producer, he realized his skills in the form of JYP Entertainment, which one of his foster children is DAY6.

Reportedly when DAY6 comeback later, the formation will be complete. Unlike before, there are sometimes personnel who do not participate. There’s a reason, what is it?

Comeback With Complete Formation

day6 complete formation
Comeback With Complete Formation

Fans are getting excited after a long wait as they will be back in full formation. Day6 die-hard fans know very well the reason why they vacuum.

DAY6 officially vacuumed in the entertainment world because there are two personnel who have health problems. The members in question are Jae and Sungjin. DAY6 without Jae and Sungjin will be less, for what remains a gig if both are not there?

Because it will be fully informed, boy band from Korea who previously often performed five personnel, will perform six personnel. More fully, DAY6 will be filled with Jae Park, Young K, Junhyeok, Dowoon, Wonpil, and Sungjin.

If you’re their fan, surely already guess who’s new or complementary to the DAY formation isn’t it? But for those of you who don’t pay much attention, who’s new to this formation is Young K.

For old personnel, it’s still the same job. Jae Park and Young K become rap, while Sungjin becomes the lead vocalist. Yes, Sungjin who is considered the most liked will still be a vocalist with a very soft voice.

Likewise with Jae Park and Young K, it feels like DAY6’s music would be less authentic to DAY6 if they weren’t the two rappers.

It has previously been explained that they are currently busy producing a new album. The album currently being worked on is The Book Of Us: Gluon-Nothing Can Tear Us Apart.

DAY6’s Success With Previous Albums

DAY6's Success With Previous Albums
Previous Successful Albums

The songs on the album that day6 released are authentic. It is natural to filter out many Kpop fans who began to love this Boy Band. The music genre that DAY6 brings is a combination of alternative and indie. Perfect to accompany relaxing, with some songs that can give you the spirit to live the day.

The DAY6 album releases there are in the form of EPs, there are also regular albums. Some of them were intentionally produced for ost in movies, South Korean films as well. Even so, everything you can still hear. Especially by those who love indie genre music.

DAY6 debuted with the first album to be named The Day. This album was released in 2015, it took about two years for Boy Band to release their next album.

Then in 2017, DAY6 released three albums at once. Within a year, the three different albums they produced had a harmonious lineup of music.

Later in 2018, the album releases Unlock, Shoot Me: Youth Part 1, Remember Us: Youth Part 2, The Best Day, and Stop The Rain. The albums Stop The Rain, Shoot Me: Youth Part 1, and Remember Us: Youth Part 2 were released on EP.

It didn’t stop until then, before the vacuum, in 2019 they still released an album with a new feel. Some of the albums released that year include The Book Of Us: Entropy and The Book Of Us: Gravity. Then just before the vacuum, they had released an album called The Book Of Us: The Demon.

Wait for Their Tour

Although there is already official news they will return to the stage, unfortunately until now there is no word on when they will tour again. Moreover, the news of the tour to Indonesia, there is absolutely no news or issue. Let’s just wait for the official news from DAY6 itself or JYP Entertainment.

But it’s still lucky that there’s been news of DAY6 comeback, and there’s also a music album that can accompany their fans while vacuuming. Hopefully in the future DAY6 continues to work with their indie music.

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