Demi Lovato Documentary Reveals Overdose To Rape

Demi Lovato's Confessions Range From Heroin Addiction To Sexual Violence

In 2018, Demi Lovato expressed interest in making a documentary about her concert tour. Three years later, a four-episode documentary series about her was released, titled Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil.

But the content is not his activities in the entertainmentworld, but honest confessions about his bitter experiences, including when he overdosed in July 2018. Many things were heard from the public he revealed. Reporting by E! News, Thursday (18/3/2021), a number of colleagues who appeared in the documentary were shocked when they learned of his courage to reveal everything.

It took a lot of courage to make a confession like Demi Lovato did. But he said he was ready to reveal it.

“There’s a lot I’ve wanted to say for over two years, to straighten out what really happened,” he said.

So what confessions did Lovato say in the documentary that will air on YouTube on March 23?

Back to Narcotics

In 2018, he celebrated 6 years of being clean from drugs, but secretly his soul was not calm.

‘I don’t know why I’m clean of narcotics anymore. I’m suffering, I’m not happy. There’s a lot of things I’m dealing with,” he said.

Finally, he was again involved in drugs, even worse after he accidentally met again with his old Dealer.

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Meet The Heroin And Overdose

Since reconnecting with his former dealer, he began to try several types of narcotics for the first time. From heroin, methamphetamine, to crack cocaine.

“I initially tried for entertainment, but of course you can’t take heroin without becoming addicted,” Demi Lovato said.

When he went to Bali in 2018, far from the city that used to give him a supply of heroin, he realized that he had been addicted to the illicit goods.

Demi Lovato Raped By The Bookie

When found by her assistant, Demi Lovato was naked and unconscious. When the “Sober” singer was conscious in the hospital, he was also questioned by medical personnel.

“When I woke up in the hospital, they asked me if I had consensual sexual intercourse,” Demi said.

He remembered what his dealer had done and replied, yes. But, a month later he began to think clearly, he realized it was impossible to have consensual sexual intercourse when under the influence of drugs. Sadly, this isn’t the first sexual assault he’s experienced.

“I lost my virginity in the event of rape,” the 28-year-old said.

The culprit was an actor who used to date her at the age of 15. But by then he had already confirmed he was not ready to have intercourse. Unable to cope with the mental stress, Demi reported it to an adult. But the perpetrator didn’t get any punishment.

“They never took him out of the filim he starred in,” Demi explained of the perpetrator.

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Demi Lovato’s Overdose Effects

The effects of his overdose not only shook his soul, but also his physical condition.

“I had three strokes, one heart attack, and suffered brain damage from three strokes,” Demi said.

When he started to wake up in the hospital room, he also experienced blindness. Until now, he did not drive a car because he had a blind spot in his vision.

“So sometimes if I pour water into the glass, I deviate from the glass, because I can not see it anymore. I also suffered from pneumonia due to asphyxia and damage to several organs,” said Demi Lovato.

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