Denise Out Secret Number, Here Are 5 Facts About Her

Denise Out Secret Number, Here Are 5 Facts About Her

Denise dropped out of Secret Number after previously being absent from Secret Number’s comeback . Recently, Denise announced she was ending her contract with VINE Entertainment so it’s not a Secret Number. Denise officially left on February 1, 2022.

After Denise’s announcement that She Was Out of Secret Number, she said goodbye to Lockey (a secret number fan) via Instagram. He said he was lucky to be a member of Secret Number with the women he considered his brother for nearly two years.

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He also felt lucky to have Lockey’s support. Despite her decision to quit the group, Denise hopes Lockey can continue to support Secret Number. As a parting gift, Denise shared a cover of Day6’s song “You Were Beautiful” while uploading photos of her together with Secret Number.

Denise Out Of Secret Number, Here Are The Facts About It

The news of Denise’s exit of Secret Number certainly makes fans sad. Denise is known as one of the most talented members. Here are Denise’s facts:

Former YG Entertainment Trainee

Denise was a YG Entertainment trainee along with another Secret Number member, Jinny. He became a trainee along with blackpink members. There was also a photo of herself with BLACKPINK’s Lisa that displayed familiarity.

Apparently he became a TRAINEE of YG Entertainment after participating in K-Pop Star 5 in 2015. He was then recruited by YG Entertainment as a trainee because Yang Hyun Suk as the leader became a judge at the event. Denise joined YG Entertainment for two years before moving to VINE Entertainment.

High Musicality

In addition to singing, Denise is also good at writing lyrics and creating songs, she is also good at playing guitar. It is known that there are four songs that he created and shared through Soundcloud. The account has now been deleted.

Roommate Dita Karang

Denise and Dita Karang are known to be very close. In addition to being both vocalists, before Denise came out secret number he was Dita’s roommate. In fact, Dita named Denise as ‘wife’ on her mobile phone contacts.

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Secret Number is known to have members from outside Korea, one of which is Dita Karang who comes from Indonesia. Denise also lived in America for a long time despite being of South Korean descent. His citizenship status has not yet been confirmed. Some say he has dual citizenship, but some say he is a U.S. citizen.

K-Pop idol born January 11, 2011 was born and raised in Texas, North America, so it’s no wonder that he is fluent in English.

One School with Beyoncé

During her stay in the U.S., Denise attended Performing Visual Art High School in Houston, Texas. It turns out that world star Beyoncé also went to school at the place, you know!

Although Denise came out of Secret Number, but don’t forget to wait for her next works.

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