Dispatch Announces G-Dragon And Jennie BLACKPINK Dating

Dispatch Announces G-Dragon And Jennie BLACKPINK Dating

The shocking news came from two Korean idols, G-Dragon BIGBANG and Jennie BLACKPINK. The two yg entertainment artists are rumored to be in a romantic relationship. The news was first revealed by Dispatch today, Wednesday (24/2/2021).

South Korean media reported that the senior and junior relationship between the two has been a romantic relationship for the past year. Photos of those who were together have also been released by the Dispatch.

They are rumored to be enjoying some date time at the luxury villa where G-Dragon lives in Hannam-dong. It is known that during blackpink activities, after the schedule activity is completed, Jennie visits G-Dragon’s residence to enjoy time together.

G-Dragon and Jennie BLACKPINK
G-Dragon and Jennie BLACKPINK

In fact, G-Dragon’s manager is also reported to have picked up and dropped Jennie off to meet G-Dragon. One of BIGBANG’s members, G-Dragon has also been seen visiting the filming location of BLACKPINK.

In addition, according to two close friends, YG also said that many people who pay attention to the relationship of the two idols and “Jennie’s mother knows about dating GD.” Until now YG Entertainment has not confirmed the truth of this rumor.

Other Artists Rumored To Be Close To G-Dragon

Actually, GD romance is not only this time attracting public attention. A number of romance rumors have followed him over the past decade. Here are some artists and musicians who have been rumored to be close to GD.

  1. Sohee Wonder Girls

In her early debut, Sohee Wonder Girls was once rumored to be close to GD. The two were also involved in a number of appearances in 2008. Many fans speculated the two were dating because they were often seen wearing similar clothes or accessories. However, neither GD nor Sohee nor YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment ever responded to the rumors.

  1. Kiko Mizuhara

Perhaps the closeness between GD and Kiko Mizuhara is one that fans remember the most. In 2010 they were rumored to be dating and continued to be rumored for several years afterwards. In fact, the two were caught on camera making out in a number of places, one of them in Paris. However, both stars have always denied the issue.

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  1. Taeyeon Girls’ Generation

Taeyon was rumored to have a special relationship with G-Dragon. In 2015, one of the local tabloids reported that the two were dating because Taeyeon reminded GD of his first love. However, both agencies of the artist compact denied it.

  1. Dara 2NE1

Dara is also an inherent name among fans. The closeness of GD and Dara makes fans pin a special call for them, namely Daragon. One of the most interesting between the two was during the Act III: M.O.T.T.E concert in 2017 in Manila. At that time, the owner of kwon ji-young’s name expressed his feelings directly in front of fans about Dara.

“She is my noona (sister’s nickname). She’s beautiful isn’t she?” said GD at the time.

“Really?” replied Dara.

“I never said this but I was nervous,” she said.

No Hee-kyung who is Sandara’s best friend even said many fans asked her to make Daragon a reality.

  1. Nana Komatsu

Soon after rumors of her closeness to Taeyeon dimmed, G-Dragon was immediately hit by a courtship issue with Japanese model Nana Komatsu. The two were reunited in a photoshoot and then became close. GD is said to have uploaded a photo while with Nana Komatsu on her personal Instagram account. But until now neither the two nor the agency have been open about the news.

  1. Sulli

The late Sulli was also rumored to be dating GD after breaking up with Choiza. Many people believe the news because both appear to have the same ring. In addition, in 2009 gd once stated that Sulli is the ideal type. However, YG Entertainment said the issue was unfounded. The ring they wore was the same because it came from their second friend.

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  1. Jooyeon ex-After School

Towards the end of 2017, GD is rumored to be in love with Jooyeon. Some of the photos and videos spread online seemed to justify their relationship. In fact, dispatch also reported the two spent time together in Jeju in mid-December 2017.

In February 2018, another BIGBANG member Seungri hinted that the rumors were untrue. While present at Knowing Brothers as a guest star, he said the only BIGBANG personnel who have a partner is Taeyang. The rumors subsided by itself due to G-Dragon’s hiatus from the entertainment world temporarily due to conscription.

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